What we know about the parliamentary riot arrest

America was seen as a horde of riots Invaded the US Capitol January 6 — Crush windows, push up stairs, and run lawmakers and law enforcement agencies for their lives. The flood of protesters that flowed into the Capitol that day left a similarly enormous task for federal authorities: finding and prosecuting the responsible person.

The Justice Department said more than 410 defendants had been arrested since the attack, and the government filed with the court that federal prosecutors expected to indict at least 100 in addition to the 400 already indicted. ..

The prosecution called the case “unprecedented” on a large scale, and the government said in a March court filing that the Capitol attack could be “the most complex investigation the Justice Department has ever charged.” It’s highly prosecutive. “

As law enforcement continues to round up suspected riots, CBS News has learned about those arrested:

How many people have been charged?

According to the Justice Department, more than 410 defendants have been arrested and CBS News has reviewed court documents on 394 proceedings opened. At least 172 of them were also charged by the grand jury.

What crimes have they been charged with?

According to the Justice Department, more than 100 defendants have been charged with assaulting, resisting, or interfering with officers or employees, 35 of whom have been charged with using deadly or dangerous weapons. About 140 police officers were assaulted during the attack, according to a spokesperson for the Justice Department.

More than 350 people were charged with entering and leaving restricted buildings and premises, and more than 35 were charged with entering the Capitol with dangerous or deadly weapons, according to a spokesperson.

The government said in a March court filing that most of the cases filed so far were against individuals, but prosecutors are also investigating conspiracy activities that occurred before and during the attack. ..About 30 people have been prosecuted so far conspiracy, The Justice Department said, accusations alleging that they coordinated with others to commit crimes.

More than 25 defendants have been charged under the destruction of government property law.In the process of three Of these defendants, the government said their crimes corresponded to “terrorism.” This is not an indictment in itself, but claims that if convicted, it could affect imprisonment.

How many people worked in the military?

At least 42 of the arrested are current or former military personnel. According to military service records and court documents obtained by CBS News, three are currently in the military, two in the Army Reserve and one in the National Guard.

Of the former military personnel, at least 20 were in the US Marine Corps, 14 were in the Army, two were in the Navy, and two were in the Air Force. One of the defendants, Jeffrey McKeropp, was a communications sergeant for the Army Special Forces, a group colloquially known as the “green beret.”

The Army Reserve shared the following statement with CBS News: “The U.S. Army Reserve has taken all allegations of the involvement of soldiers or military civilians in extremist groups seriously, addressed this issue in accordance with military regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice, and ensured an appropriate process. Increasingly extremist ideologies and activities are directly opposed to our values ​​and beliefs, and those who agree with extremism are not in our class. “

Two lawmakers were charged after they died after the Capitol …


How many people worked for law enforcement?

According to court documents and employment records, at least 10 of the arrested were former police officers or employed as law enforcement officers during the riots. The prosecutor also charged one current firefighter and one retired firefighter.

Of the five police officers hired during the riot, four subsequently lost their jobs.Officers of North Cornwall Township, Pennsylvania pause Unpaid after he was charged with obstructing law enforcement during civil turmoil, among other crimes.Houston police officer Tom Din Fam And Monmouth County Orthodontic Police Officer Marissa Suarez Both resigned after being arrested, and the two Virginia police officer Prosecutors were dismissed after prosecuting them for their alleged acts in the Capitol.

Laura Steele, a member of the Oath Keepers militia Prosecution According to a High Point police spokesperson, he was dismissed for conspiracy after working for High Point police in North Carolina for 12 years due to good personnel behavior, absenteeism, and breach of communications policy. Her husband, Kenneth Steele— Not accused of being in a parliamentary riot — retired on January 1 as assistant police chief.

The prosecutor also arrested two former police officers at the New York Police Department. Thomas WebsterAccording to a NYPD spokesperson, it is the culmination of close cooperation between Sarah Carpenter, who was accused of rushing to a police officer in the Capitol with a flagpole, and the New York Police Department’s FBI Joint Terrorist Task Force.

Nichols Lenz, who said the Florida Department of Law Enforcement was a former officer at the North Miami Beach and Fort Pierce police stations, was charged after posting a video from inside the Capitol. “Of course, I’m not here to hurt the cop. I love blue boys, but this is overwhelming for them,” he said in the video.

In addition, firefighter and emergency medical worker Andrew Williams arrested Retired firefighter Robert Sanford was arrested for participating in the riots Accusation Throw a fire extinguisher in your head that struck three police officers.

How many leads are being followed?

FBI Secretary Christopher A. Wray said in March that citizens across the country had sent more than 270,000 digital media tips to the FBI. “With their help, we have identified hundreds of suspects and launched hundreds of investigations in all but one of the 56 field offices,” Ray said. ..

The government has issued a total of more than 900 search warrants, saying the investigation included more than 15,000 hours of surveillance and worn camera footage from multiple law enforcement agencies. The government has also collected about 1,600 electronics, hundreds of search results from telecommunications providers, more than 80,000 reports, and 93,000 attachments related to law enforcement interviews and other investigative procedures, officials said. submitted.

Where did they come from?

The riot suspects come from at least 45 states other than Washington, DC. Of those whose home state is known, most are from Texas, and 41 Texas people have been prosecuted so far. 32 people were arrested in Florida, 31 in Pennsylvania, and 29 in New York.

How many radicals do you belong to?

Authorities have linked at least 57 suspected riots to a militant group. Proud Boys, Oath Keepers, 3 par centers, Texas Freedom and Conspiracy Idealism QAnon..

How many women were there?

The mob on January 6 arrested primarily men, but at least 48 women were also arrested on suspicion of participation.

At what age were they arrested?

Of the 122 defendants of known age, the average age was 42. The youngest suspected riot is 18-year-old Bruno Joseph Kur. Fight! ”

The oldest riots were two 70-year-old men: Benny Parker, Guardian of the Oath of SuspicionAnd Ronnie Coffman, an Alabama man who says authorities have brought a lot of cars Weapons and explosives To Washington DC

How many have you released?

At least 161 people were approved to return home after placing bail or agreeing to release under surveillance.

Recent updates on notable cases

New York man found Guilty Intimidation lawmakers after a featured week-long trial testimony From Capitol police officers believed to be the first Capitol police officers to testify in criminal trials related to the US Capitol riots, and from Capitol officials Alexandria Ocasio Cortez.

Opened video Brian Sicknick officer defending the US Capitol on January 6th. The video seems to show the scene where the prosecutor said he was beaten with a chemical spray and the moment he got out of the struggle when he poured water on his face. An obvious attempt to get rid of chemicals from his eyes.Staff Said Sicknick’s death was caused by two blows. He died the day after defending the Capitol in the assault on January 6.

And on April 16th, members of Oath Keepers Appealed He was found guilty of two charges and was the first defendant to enter a plea for guilty in a historic investigation on January 6.

Paulina Smolinski contributed to this report.

What we know about the parliamentary riot arrest

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