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Outpatient pediatric care remains tough, but Boston Children will soon handle inpatient treatment.

A local nurse warned last month to draw attention to the closure of the Tufts Children’s Hospital. Craig F. Walker / Boston Globe Staff

January, Tufts Medical Center Announced plan The pediatric ward 128 years ago will be closed. Now the plan is accelerating New details What this closure means for patients, families, and doctors is emerging.

Why is Tufts closing a children’s hospital?

In an announcement earlier this year, Tufts representatives said there was an urgent need to improve their ability to care for critically ill adults. The 41 pediatric beds in the hospital will be converted into adult ICUs and medical / surgical beds. Pediatric patients at Tufts University will be referred to the Boston Children’s Hospital. The changes will take effect on July 1st.

According to the announcement, the number of adult patients in need of highly specialized care has increased dramatically. As a result, hospitals discharge “hundreds” of patients each month. Tufts University predicts that fewer children will need to be hospitalized in the future, and children in need of inpatient care will have serious health problems that require a highly sophisticated and highly focused care system. The hospital has announced that Boston Children will open 50 new beds by mid-July as part of the first section of the new clinical building.

How can a patient be affected?

Outpatient pediatric care remains tough. This includes pediatric primary care, day surgery, pediatric emergency room, and neonatal intensive care unit. The hospital maintains a childhood and adolescent Asian clinic, an essential resource for Chinatown residents. New England Pediatric Care, a center for children with special needs and a long-term care facility for children, will continue to open.

Also, staying open is a special rheumatism clinic. Boston Globe report this week. Mental health and rheumatism often overlap in conditions caused by the disorders treated at this clinic.

According to the hospital, 41 beds in Tufts’ pediatric ward represent 1,800 to 2,000 discharges per year to be transferred to Boston Children. Eventually, that space will be reused to expand the adult bed by about 20 percent.

Tufts University will no longer offer inpatient chemotherapy for children.This affects 35 families Gloves report. Chemotherapy is usually provided outpatiently to adults, but children are usually treated in the hospital. It will be available in Boston Children.

Over 60% of patients at Tufts Children’s Hospital are enrolled in Medicaid. That is, the state controls the redemption level, Michael Dandorf, president and chief executive officer of Tufts Medicine, said in his first announcement. “In terms of quality and results, Tufts University has proved that it is one of the highest-ranked academic medical centers in the United States, yet it can manage adult care at a lower cost,” Dandorf added. This helps hospitals keep lowering the overall cost of healthcare, he said.

The cost of pediatric care can increase very well while lower cost inpatient beds are being prepared.According to data from the state center for health information and analysis obtained by Gloves“For patients insured by Blue Cross Blue Shield, Massachusetts, the state’s largest insurance company, Boston Children’s Pediatric Care is 25 percent more expensive than Tufts University.”

How can doctors and nurses be affected?

This week, Tufts has new information Gloves About the impact of these changes on doctors. Boston Children’s will lay the foundation for the current Tufts doctor with privileges at Children’s, but Tufts will lease back and pay for the doctor’s time. Tufts University doctors are professors and faculty members of Tufts University School of Medicine, rather than belonging to Harvard University like other Boston Children’s doctors. Gloves report.

Details on how surgeons are affected have not yet been elucidated, but non-surgeons are now referencing inpatient treatment to Boston Children’s physicians.Tufts said Gloves Three-quarters of the 140 doctors have decided to join the Foundation or continue to work in the hospital.

Tufts University staff plans to have enough doctors to maintain most specialized outpatient services. Gloves report. However, while Tufts University is hiring more medical professionals, it remains possible that Boston Children’s doctors will need to help cover the shift. Some outpatient services can be fully migrated to Boston Children.

In total, the hospital said these changes would affect 95 Tufts University nurses. All of these nurses have found jobs elsewhere in Tufts or in other organizations. According to the report, four affected nurses retired early. Gloves..

In March, doctors and nurses Gloves The Tufts Children’s Hospital may be forced to close earlier than July 1 as staff go to new jobs.

Boston Children will add an ambulance between the two hospitals, CEO Kevin Churchwell said at a public health service hearing in April. Boston Children’s will also create a portal that will allow clinicians to share medical records, he said.

What we know about the plans for patients and doctors as Tufts closes its children’s hospital Source link What we know about the plans for patients and doctors as Tufts closes its children’s hospital

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