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“OBX” Season 3 will be officially held! Netflix announced on December 7th that “Outer Banks” will return to the third season. This is all we know so far.

Round 3, The Pogues! Outer Banks I’m back in the third season. Netflix series became NS The 2020 show after its spectacular debut. A quarantine hit proved that it wasn’t a one-hit wonder when the show returned to Season 2 in July 2021. Now it is confirmed that our beloved crew will return to another adventure.

From the cast celebration video to the scheduled release date HollywoodLife Have all the latest updates on Outer Banks Season 3. Buckle up, it will be a pretty ride!

Season 2 Sarah, Chiara, Pope, JJ, John B (Netflix)

Previous shows

Outer Banks As you can imagine, it will be held in Outer Banks, North Carolina. The show follows John B and his group of friends, also known as The Pogues. When they go looking for John B’s missing father, they end up in a treasure hunt for their lives. The Pogues will find $ 400 million worth of gold. Along the way, John B falls in love with Sarah Cameron, the daughter of a very wealthy and very powerful Ward Cameron.

Season 1 ended with the belief that John B and Sarah, including The Pogues, Ward, Rough, and Topper, died in a tropical depression. John B was on the run after being framed for killing Sheriff Peterkin. Leif was the one who killed Peterkin, and Ward helped conceal his son’s crime. John B and Sara’s boat crashed in a storm, but they survived and were put on a boat to the Bahamas.

In Season 2, John B and Sara were still running when they arrived in the Bahamas. Sara almost died after being shot by Leif. John B and Sara eventually reunited with the other Pogues, and the gold hunt continued. The Pope became a truly central stage in the second season as he learned that he had something to do with Danish Tanny, the only person who survived the Royal Merchant’s shipwreck. The Pogues met Cara Lynnbury, a social celebrity in Charleston, who was stuck in getting the healing shroud cross of Santo Domingo at the Royal Merchant.

Ward blew himself up on his boat when Ward and Ruff finally seemed to have to pay for their crimes. Well, it looked like he did. Ward actually pretended to be his death. The Pogues got on a boat that took Ward and his family abroad. John B had a fierce conflict with Ward, who was seriously injured.

Outer Banks
The Pogues (and the new Pogue Cleo) from’Poguelandia’. (Netflix)

The Pogues, along with Cleo, left the Santo Domingo cross with Ruff and escaped on a lifeboat. They arrived at a nearby uninhabited island that they declared “Po Grandia”. The last moment of Season 2 featured Carla Limbrey meeting anyone else in Barbados … John B’s dad!!

Apart from the news of the treasure hunt, the Pope and Chiara gathered in Season 1 and split each other in Season 2. At the Season 2 finale, JJ was knocked overboard during the battle and Chiara jumped in to save him. After this near-death experience, the situation at Chiara and JJ seemed to really change. They also talked about going surf trips together.

At the beginning of the season, JJ finally decided to help him again, even though his father wasn’t worth it. He helped his father leave the town before he could be sent back to prison.

John B and Sarah got married while in the Bahamas, but their relationship changed after Ward’s apparent death. John B was happy to see Ward die while Sarah was devastated by the explosion. Thankfully, the two were settled by the end of the season.

“Outer Banks” Season 3

Netflix confirmed Outer Banks We will return to Season 3 on December 7th. The cast gathered for a spectacular announcement video when the third season was officially announced.

The second season of the show began on July 30th and jumped to the top of Netflix’s most watched rankings. The teen drama was the most watched show on Nielsen’s list and was watched 1.16 billion times between August 9th and August 15th. IndieWire..

Season 3 cast

Outer Banks Season 3 will star in Core Pogs — Chase Stokes As John B Madelyn Cline As Sarah Madison Bailee As Chiara Jonathan Davis As Pope and Rudy Pankow As JJ.The latest Pogue played by Cleo, Carrasia Grant, Has been uploaded to the regular series of Season 3.

Carrasia Grant
Carrasia Grant attended the show as Cleo. (Netflix)

Raif was still having problems at the end of Season 2, and a breakout star Drew Starkey It is back as a regular series. Charles Esten and Austin North, also known as Ward and Topper, are back as regulars in the series.

Season 2 ended with a big cliffhanger. Big John is alive. Charles Halford When Elizabeth Mitchell’s Carla Limbley has an unfinished business and the third season will provide enough time to handle everything. The official Season 3 announcement did not specify whether Halford and Mitchell would return.

Season 3 theory

There are many theories that fans have come up with and can be explored in Season 3. One of the most popular theories coming out of Season 2 is that the healing shroud that Carla Limbrey is looking for is hidden behind the scenes. According to some, the shroud is actually a bandana worn by John B on his neck. Reddit theory..

Outer Banks
John B (with his bandana) and Sarah in Season 2 (Netflix)

“Remember when John B was bitten by a crocodile and wrapped his tie around his leg. I think the tie was part of the shroud. If the legend is true, after a while he would run, walk, His feet were really healed because he was able to jump over the wall, “theory read.

Another major theory is the possibility of a family connection between Carla Limbrey and one of the cast members. TikTok users zbennettt Carla In fact, John B’s mother.. But there is really no evidence. However, Carla is a relative of John B and could probably be his aunt. NS HollywoodLife As I wrote back in August, John B’s mother may have been Carla’s sister.

This isn’t a theory, but there are many notes made by fans while watching (and re-watching) the series. Some fans, especially TikTok fans, have noticed a clear match between Chiara and Rough. In Season 1, JJ showed a visceral reaction when Reif said to Chiara, “Telling Chiara that Pogue looks pretty hot.” There was a moment in the movie screening of the first season. Is it possible that something happened between them in the past? You’ll know over time!

The reaction of the cast and crew of “Outer Banks”

NS Outer Banks The EP has already laid the foundation for future seasons and has enough stories to explore. Jonas Pate Said TVLine In July 2021 Outer Banks The EP does not yet have a Season 3 “master plan”. Josh Pate He also explained exactly what the return of Big John meant for the show.

“The treasure hunting aspect of the show is what we consider important and essential to the show,” Josh said. “And bring him back, we probably [combine] These various treasures have been passed down to larger myths. “I thought the return of Big John was a way to dig up some of it,” he added.

Outer Banks
Season 2 JJ and Chiara (Netflix)

For all Jiara shippers out there, Season 3 will probably be the season for JJ and Kiara. “Teenage romance and teenage soap are a big part of the show,” Josh said. Entertainment Weekly.. “We wanted to explore the Ki-Pope relationship, but obviously we know how fans feel about JJ and Ki. We’ll do that in the third season. I wanted to make fun of it. I didn’t want to do it right away, but I want to do it because I was surprised by the reaction and romance of the audience to JJ and Chiara. It’s an interesting idea to explore. It sounds like, but I left it in Season 3 so it opened soon. “

As Big John returns to the photo, it could offer some major father and son dramas for Season 3. “”It was his The choice to go out and leave your son, and what does it look like? What does it look like when the child leaves and comes face-to-face with a parent who chooses to put him in this situation and doesn’t know what happened in the meantime? “ Chase Stokes Said TVLine..

Showrunner definitely wants to dive into more romance in Season 3 as well as in the first season. “It’s one of the things we really liked in Season 1, not the elements of Season 2, and we really want to go back,” Josh said. EW.. “It was a plan, like designing a character to open up some romance in Season 3.” Shannon Burke “In general, we were basically shot from the canon in Season 2, and as a general rule, we want to have a little more room, like in season 3 teen dramas and teen romance.”

What we know so far – Hollywood Life

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