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Tulsa, Oklahoma, a utility company, says it can take some time before people know how big a difference Winter Storm 2021 can make in energy prices.

Past polar temperatures below zero can mean that gas and electricity costs are also very high.

2 Works for You Problem Solver Pete Knutson got some advice that people can use if billing starts to rise.

“It definitely scares me. I think it scares a lot of people,” said Jessica Thomas.

She and her husband have three children at home and in day care. The budget is already tight and achieving the goal is tight enough as it is.

Now, perhaps paying for budget-wasting utilities is a big concern.

“It’s basically getting food out of my child’s mouth,” said Thomas.

Most utilities say they work with their customers. ONG, PSO, and OG & E said they have financial resources and can provide payment arrangements.

However, it is important for the customer to contact the customer as soon as possible in order to make a payment plan. Don’t wait until your invoice expires.

Utilities say their top priority is the safety and comfort of their customers.

Thomas said they were also her priority for her family.

“You only understand it, but it’s a lot of pressure and it’s not really fair,” she said.

The Oklahoma Electric Cooperative Association has also provided more payment time, along with a flexible payment plan to level all seasonal spikes in invoices.

They suggest that customers contact the co-operative to see which option works best for you in the coming months. These co-operatives can also connect people in need of financial assistance to programs that provide financial assistance.

Tulsa County renters who have problems paying utility bills due to COVID-19 can call 211 for assistance.

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