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This is the first FDA-approved treatment for Alzheimer’s disease in almost 20 years.

Dr. Huntington Potter, director of the University of Colorado Alzheimer’s Disease Cognitive Center, said:

But the question remains whether it actually works and whether health insurers will pay an estimated $ 56,000 a year.

“The first thing to do is to talk to your GP,” Potter said.

The drug in question is called Aducanumab or Aduhelm. According to the latest research, the drug slows cognitive decline by 22%.Experts say this isn’t enough, but with the FDA Alzheimer’s Association Believe it is worth a look.

“There will be a set of protocols for determining whether someone meets the appropriate criteria for Aducanumab as determined by the FDA,” Potter said.

This drug, given monthly by IV infusion, is only available to patients in the very early stages of their illness.

Unlike other FDA-approved drugs that only relieve symptoms, this treatment has more substantive results.

“This treatment slows the progression of the disease by addressing the underlying biology of amyloid plaques, one of the hallmarks of Alzheimer’s disease,” said Maria Carilo, chief scientific officer of the Alzheimer’s Disease Association.

Clinical trials have found that up to 35% of participants have side effects such as swelling of the brain.

“This is a side effect. It wasn’t particularly dangerous in this study, but it’s something to consider,” Potter said.

The FDA will continue to investigate the efficacy of the drug. This could allow the drug to be removed from the market after the FDA has examined more data.

“This isn’t a game changer yet,” Potter said. “It’s a breakthrough.”

This story was first published by Stephanie Sandoval of Newsy.

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