What you need to know about the latest iPhone and Android software

As the pandemic receded nationwide, our way of working and lifestyle changed dramatically. Some are currently planning to return to the office, while others will continue to work from home. Many of us do both.

Mobile phone software, which was the most important tool in the pandemic, is also evolving towards this new reality. This change is a courtesy of Apple and Google, which recently announced the latest phone software designed for the hybrid remotework era, where the new coronavirus is accelerating.

this week, Apple showed iOS 15, The following operating systems for iPhone. This software provides device owners with new tools to draw the line between hybrid work. For example, a status message that tells others that you are busy before sending a message. FaceTime, Apple’s video conferencing software, is also the biggest expansion since its debut over a decade ago. The service has finally been released to non-Apple devices, including Android phones, and has been improved to improve the look and sound of video sessions.

last month, Introduced by Google Android 12 is the latest operating system for mobile devices. The company focused on streamlining software design to help people work more efficiently, including shortcut menus for quick access to their favorite tools.

According to Carolina Milanesi, a consumer technology analyst at Creative Strategies, changes in Apple’s tools for setting iOS 15 and Android 12, especially digital boundaries, are moving our lives and work away from the pandemic. Reflects that is changing again.

“A small prompt that people don’t want to get in the way will be really important,” she said. “Maybe you’ll prepare a message on the weekend, but don’t press send until Monday morning, so on the weekend You don’t force others to work. You’re free from pressure. “

Apple and Google have explained the highlights of the new mobile operating system, including new privacy controls and phone camera enhancements. Both systems will be released this fall.

Here’s what you need to know:

Most of last year we stayed home and many of us were nailed to the phone screen, chatting on video calls and sending messages to our loved ones. Dooms Crawling SessionFor some, it felt impossible to stay focused on one task.

In response, Apple’s new software provides iPhone owners with a tool that minimizes distractions, and Google has added a button that allows people to perform phone tasks faster. Did

Consider a new feature in Apple called Focus. You can use focus to set dividing lines for different parts of the day. You can divide your day into categories such as personal life, work, and sleep. For each of them, decide which users and apps will display notifications on your phone.

At work, you can set up your phone so that only your boss’s message appears as a notification. Other notifications are muted. If you want to focus on your personal life, you can only allow notifications from family and[応答不可]You can also set it to to display status messages such as Deadline and Movie Time. Anyone trying to send you a message will see its status and may consider sending a message later.

Google’s changes are more superficial. We’ve redesigned Android controls to include large rectangular buttons for easy access to features such as flashlights, internet settings, and audio recorders.

Video conferencing has become a ubiquitous communication medium for office meetings, happy hours, and yoga sessions. Today, Apple’s FaceTime has been significantly improved, adding more features and features that work on non-Apple devices. Due to these changes zoom, No.1 video conferencing app.

For the first time in iOS 15, you will be able to access FaceTime from your internet browser. This means that Android and Windows users can use their browser to video chat with iPhone users in FaceTime sessions by clicking the link.

However, FaceTime’s most notable new features remain exclusive to Apple users. SharePlay makes the app available to iPhone owners during FaceTime calls.Stream the movie[SharePlay]At the push of a button, the other party in the call can stream the movie at the same time. However, if the Android user is making a FaceTime call, the SharePlay feature will not work at all.

Apple and Google have been competing for years to offer phone cameras that can take great pictures. However, Apple’s camera software lags behind Google’s software with artificial intelligence. With iOS 15, Apple is taking steps to make camera software smarter.

A feature Apple calls Live Text allows iPhone users to take advantage of the camera’s ability to act as a document scanner. For example, if you took a picture of a restaurant receipt, you can use Live Text to tap the phone number in the picture to call the restaurant. Alternatively, point the camera at the tracking label and tap the tracking number to track your package immediately. No need to enter.

Apple device owners can also later retrieve these types of images with a keyword search. Therefore, if you take a picture of a handwritten recipe, you can open the photo album and enter the name of the recipe to search for the image. At that point, you can also convert the handwritten recipe scribble notes to text and transfer them to your digital notepad.

The technology that achieves this is known as optical image recognition fused with artificial intelligence. The Android Photos app has had a similar feature, Lens, for about four years.

Apple has been developing tools to protect user privacy over the last few years, with iPhone owners Ask the app not to track Then share their activities with third parties such as marketers.

Google, whose revenue relies primarily on serving digital ads, didn’t respond with a similar prompt that people would easily opt out of tracking. But on Android 12, on Android 12, of the data the app collects It provides increased transparency and new controls that limit access to your app’s data.

One of the tools that Google calls the Privacy Dashboard shows the app’s timeline, which gives you access to different parts of your phone throughout the day. It’s possible that the social media app tapped your camera at 1 pm and the weather app used your location at 3 pm.

Google has also added some buttons, such as a kill switch, to block the app’s access to the phone’s microphone and camera. This can be useful in sensitive situations, such as when you’re seeing a doctor and want to make sure the app isn’t listening to the conversation.

Apple announced this week that more privacy controls will arrive on the iPhone, including a so-called app privacy report that works like Google’s privacy dashboard. The privacy report not only reveals what data each app is eavesdropping on, but also shows the domain or web address to which the app is connected. This can give you insights into the companies with which your app shares data while you are using it.

What you need to know about the latest iPhone and Android software

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