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A reality show contestant died on October 9th of a problem related to hereditary hematopoietic disorders, and his family founded GoFundMe to help his wife and daughter.

Trevor Jones Sadly, he died on October 9th at the age of 34, according to the report. TMZ.. NS Millionaire Matchmaker The contestant’s death was caused by an event related to his vascular Ehlers-Danlos syndrome event. Symptoms of vascular Ehlers-Danlos syndrome include “thin, translucent skin.” Easy to bruise; characteristic facial appearance; fragile arteries, muscles, internal organs. ” National Institute of Health.. Trevor was most famous for his reality TV appearances, but he did a lot throughout his life.His family GoFundMe page To help feed his wife and daughter after his sudden and unexpected death. Learn more about reality TV stars.

Trevor Jones died suddenly on October 9th. He was 34 years old. (Provided by Bravo / NBC)

1. Trevor dated Stephanie Pratt from The Millionaire Matchmaker

Trevor was very successful in his own life, but he is best known for appearing in episodes of 2015. Millionaire Matchmaker, Host here Patty Stanger Set up an entrepreneur hill Star Stephanie Pratt..Stephanie was set up with Trevor after her brother Spencer Pratt And his wife Heidi Montag According to the episode, both contacted the host and helped her find someone. IMDb page..

2. Trevor was the co-founder of Flex Watch

As a businessman, Trevor was the key to getting started Flex watch, Not only did we offer fashionable watches at affordable prices, but we also helped our customers support a variety of causes when buying watches. Each different watch corresponds to a different charity, and 10 percent of the profit is donated to that charity.

3.3.Trevor also appears on CNBC’s “The Profit”

Millionaire Matchmaker It wasn’t Trevor’s only reality TV appearance.He also appeared during the 2016 episode Marcus Lemonis’ CNBC series Profit.. Marcus was considering investing in Trevor’s watch brand. He talked about his passion for flexwatches and how much he believed in the brand after his mother’s death. Marcus provided $ 400,000 for a 40% stake in the company and they received it! One of the top donations made at GoFundMe for Trevor came from Marcus, who donated $ 10,000 to support an entrepreneurial family.

Trevor was probably the most famous for appearing in The Millionaire Matchmaker and dated Stephanie Pratt. (Provided by Bravo / NBC)

4.4. Trevor married Sherry Jones in 2018.

Although it may not have worked with Stephanie Pratt, Trevor fell in love with a woman named Cherry Founded for his wife and daughter, GoFundMe described Sherry as Trevor’s “best friend and greatest love” and called for her to marry one of her achievements.

5. Trevor had a daughter

After marrying Sherry in 2018, the pair had a little girl Finley March 2021. Only six months after his father died, the GoFundMe page was set up to provide support to both her and her mother. “Trever loved his two girls more than anything else in the world and emphasized making sure everyone knew,” the fundraiser said in an explanation. “This fund was founded by a family friend. The money raised will be provided to Sherry to support her daughter Finley.”

What you need to know about the Millionaire Matchmaker dying at age 34 – Hollywood Life

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