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“Morning Show” Season 2 is just around the corner. The long-awaited second season is currently underway. Here’s what we know about casts, release dates, plots, and more:

Morning show It was one of the big hits on Apple TV + when the streaming service launched in November 2019. Jennifer Aniston Back on TV, she teamed up Reese Witherspoon Again, and a great ensemble to form one of the most powerful casts on TV. The show was nominated for eight Emmy Awards and Billy Crudup was named an outstanding supporting actor in the drama series.The second season was allowed immediately after a week Morning show Premiere.

Almost two years have passed Morning show It premiered, but Season 2 is approaching. After the delay of COVID-19, the show is preparing for a hopeful 2021 launch. From who’s coming back to the new cast members to what’s going on in Season 2, these are the latest updates. Morning show Season 2.

Cast of “Morning Show”. (Eric Charbonneau / Shutterstock)

Release date

Apple TV + hasn’t announced an official release date yet Morning show Season 2, the new season may premiere in 2021. The cast is filming the second season since October 2020.Showrunner Kelly Erin Said variety In 2019, I was planning to shoot a show “in November next year” in the summer of 2020. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has been out of production for several months, making the 2020 release date no longer possible.


Season 2 production ceased on March 12, 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Reese Witherspoon Said Regina King To Actor Variety Actor That series Morning show Season 2 was in production for “4 weeks” before it was shut down. Shooting resumed Reese tweeted about this news. “And we are Bacccckkkkk!” In December 2020, Reese posted a video from. Morning show I set it and wrote, “Guess who came back !!!!”.

Jennifer Aniston I also shared the photos during the production in January 2021. “Oh, we’re back …” she captioned her photo with a hair stylist. Chris McMillan.. The SAG-winning actress was still filming in February 2021 when she posted an Instagram video from the set when brewing coffee in the morning.

New & repeater cast

Jennifer Aniston And Reese Witherspoon I’m back as both Alex Levy and Bradley Jackson.Fellow Season 1 Cast Member Billy Crudup, Mark Duplass, Nestor Carbonell, Bel powley, Karen Pitman,and Deshawn Terry I’ll be back in Season 2. Gugum Basaro Her character died in the first season, so she won’t come back.

Steve carell
Steve Carell plays Mitch Kessler. (Gregory Pace / Shutterstock)

Steve carell I plan to return as Mitch Kessler. He originally signed a one-year contract, Morning show According to the producer, “he was recalling him and showing that he was pursuing a new contract with the actor.” deadline..

Morning show Season 2 welcomes many new cast members. Hasan MinhaHosted the Netflix series j Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaji, Participated in the cast. He plays Eric, a “charismatic and up-and-coming star.” Morning Performance According to “Team” deadline.. Hasan posted to him about his exciting new gig Instagram page November 2020. “A new chapter. I can’t wait to see the new season of @themorningshow!” He wrote. This shows Hasan’s first acting role in the drama series.

Juliana Marguerite
Juliana Marguiles is a cast member of the new Season 2. (Andrew H. Walker / Shutterstock)

Juliana MargueriteBest known for her role in Good wife And ER, A cast member of Season 2. variety Report. She plays UBA News Anchor Laura Peterson. Greta Lee And Ruairi O’Connor Appeared as a series regular. Greta plays Stellaback, “an ambitious leader in online media companies serving millennial and Gen Z viewers.” deadline..Ruairi, who recently starred as Henry VIII Spanish princessPlays Thai Fitzgerald, a “charismatic and savvy YouTube star.”

What about Season 2?

First season of Morning show Hannah’s tragic death ended with many bombs.Chip lost his job and revealed that it was he who leaked the story about Mitch. New York Times.. Alex decided to step down and raise his voice while he was alive in the air. Alex and Bradley told the world about the toxic work culture and sexual misconduct taking place at UBA.

Following the season finale, showrunner Kelly Erin Said Hollywood Reporter Season 2 says, “There’s a lot about the transition. But at the same time, we’re doing a lot of the same thing! We’ve set new rules, but then fall back. This also applies to the real world. That’s true. Where to be: Are we paying lip services for women’s rights? That is, we’re actually just looking into the transition period in more detail, but on the same theme: Those who have this desire to control their lives feel through power. “

Reese Witherspoon
Reese Witherspoon is back in Season 2. (David Fisher / Shutterstock)

Reese made fun of the “New World Order” in Season 2 of 2020. “At the end of these ten episodes, it feels like there’s a whole new world order. It’s a mess,” she told the TCA press tour in January 2020. “At this point, no one knows who is responsible and what leadership means. I think that’s what we’re exploring in culture now that it’s a Topseater Bee. What’s the new normality? I’m excited to have more to explore. “

Season 2 also includes a coronavirus pandemic. Mark Duplass The writer revealed that he was “rewriting” part of Season 2 after production was shut down. “I shot two episodes before shutting down for a pandemic, but I know I’m rewriting them too. It’s crazy because this happened in the first season,” he said. deadline.. “They had a set of scripts [then] And they rewrote everything to include the #MeToo movement. And now we need to deal with other larger, global phenomena. I don’t know what they are doing, but I know they are rewriting. “

Morning show director Mimi Leder He said the second season of the Apple TV + series reflects what the actual morning show experienced during the pandemic. “We’re a morning show dealing with illness, racism and injustice around the world, and that morning show is all light, and like the morning show, we’re incorporating COVID,” she said. Told. Gold derby August 2020.

How to read “Morning Show”

First season of Morning show Currently available on Apple TV +. An Apple TV + subscription costs only $ 4.99 per month. Morning show Season 2 will premiere on the streaming service. Season 1 removed three episodes at a time for premiere release, and then moved on to release one episode per week. Season 2 will probably follow the same format. This show is not available on other streaming platforms such as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime Video.

What You Need To Know-Hollywood Life

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