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The next chapter in “Sex and the City” is a chapter without Samantha. The premiere of “And Just Like That …” revealed what happened to Samantha and why she fell with Carrie.

In front of the And like that … Premier, Fans are wondering: what about Samantha? Kim Cattrall Decided not to replay her iconic role in the new series, even though it was a central part of Sex and the City.. And like that … Don’t kill Samantha I don’t ignore her personality at all.

Where is Samantha?

The series now begins with Carrie, Charlotte and Miranda in their 50s. While the trio are waiting for the table, they come across Bissie von Muffling asking where Samantha is. “Oh, she’s not with us anymore,” Charlotte replies. It makes Bissy think Samantha is dead. Miranda immediately chimed and noticed that Samantha was still alive. “She’s in London,” Carrie reveals. Samantha has moved to England for work.

Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall’s “Sex and the City 2”. (Warner Bros./Courtesy: Everett Collection)

Then Miranda and Carrie talk about Samantha. “You know, it’s like she’s dead … Samantha,” says Miranda. “We don’t even talk about her.”

Carrie replies: I told her that, as you know, it didn’t make sense for me to continue her as a spokesperson for the current book business. She said “I’m fine” and then fired me as a friend. “

Miranda does not believe that Samantha “dismissed” Carrie as a friend. Carrie reveals that Samantha has stopped answering the phone. “You know Samantha. Her pride was hurt,” Miranda told Carrie. Carrie explains that she called Samantha back and left a voicemail asking her to “fix” it. “See, I understand she’s upset, but I thought she liked her better than ATMs,” Carrie added.

Miranda says. She was embarrassed. Carrie wonders whether Miranda or Charlotte spoke to Samantha. Miranda admits that they sent a text message and called, but did not get a reply. Miranda thinks that if Carrie arrives again, they’re probably all going to work. Carrie sent Samantha many text messages but didn’t get a response, so she doesn’t expect much about it. “I always thought that four of us would be friends forever,” Carrie admits.

Sarah Jessica Parker
“Sex and the City” by Kristin Davis, Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Kim Cattrall. (Warner Bros./Courtesy: Everett Collection)

Samantha is there for Big’s posthumous carry

The first episode ends with Big tragic death After a heart attack. The second episode features Carrie planning a big funeral. When she appears before worship, Carrie finds a beautiful white flower hung on a big casket. But she clearly stated that she didn’t want flowers. The funeral director gives her the card that came with the flower. I read the card, “Love, Samantha.” Carrie decides to protect the flowers from Samantha.

Carrie tells Miranda and Charlotte that Samantha sent the flowers. The faces of Miranda and Charlotte have a look of hope. Maybe they can all be reconciled after all. Carrie then sends a text message to thank Samantha for sending the flowers. Samantha does not immediately respond to Carrie. Carrie knows that Samantha’s gesture is evidence that Samantha still cares for her. All hope is not lost.New episode of And like that … Debut on Thursday at HBO Max.

What you need to know-Hollywood Life

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