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What’s Driving You Crazy? – The Big Squeeze on the 95/515 gets shifty – Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada 2021-09-21 06:35:28 –

Monday, September 20, 2021

Las Vegas (KLAS) – The big pressure of 95/515 is shifting

Just as we began to get used to the two lanes only in both directions of the highway between the spaghetti bowl and the east, NDOT decided to keep you on your toes.

First, the northbound side:

There is one lane from the east to Las Vegas Boulevard. It is scheduled to start at 11am last night and will end at 6am.

From tonight to tomorrow morning, it’s one short, but sometimes very crowded lane from Las Vegas Boulevard to the Spaghetti Bowl.

From Tuesday night to Wednesday, they will switch to the southbound side, leaving only one lane from Spaghetti Bowl to Las Vegas Boulevard.

From Wednesday night to Thursday, several ramps to the northbound highway from the east and Las Vegas Boulevard will be closed.

There are many in the second half of the week.

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Raise the buckle and drive carefully – and put the phone down

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