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Portland, Oregon 2021-12-06 11:29:07 –

Washington(Hill) – Omicron variants pose a new threat to companies that have already struggled to recover from the financial damage caused by previous strains of the virus.

Pandemic gyms, concert venues, restaurants, airlines and other industries are preparing for another wave of COVID-19 that could curb demand and encourage new government regulation.

Cases of the Omicron variant have been detected in some states, and health experts say they may be more contagious than the Delta variant.Immediately after South African scientists discovered a variant of Omicron, the country’s COVID-19 cases Dramatically soaring..

Due to the widespread use of vaccines, US authorities do not foresee a return to the early days of the pandemic, where all sectors of the economy were forced to shut down. However, experts are still concerned that many companies that have barely overcome the delta variant may not be able to tolerate another outbreak.

Brett Ewer, Head of Government Affairs at CrossFit, said: “Uncertainty doesn’t really help, especially if so many gym owners are bleeding almost completely.”

Fitness facilities have been hit hard by customers at home and the COVID-19 limitations that limit capacity and require masks. With the rapid spread of Omicron, the waves are likely to occur in January and February, and Jim will usually get a significant increase in revenue from a short New Year’s resolution.

“This is a very important time, and new variants will spread and new restrictions will affect the likelihood that small gym owners will have to try to survive,” Ewer said. increase.

By the end of this year, the pandemic will completely close 25-30% of fitness facilities, according to the Community Gyms Coalition and the Global Health and Fitness Association. Prompted to Congress Providing federal assistance to Jim in the light of the threat of Omicron.

“Assistance is urgently needed to address and strengthen the damage already inflicted on these vulnerable businesses,” the group wrote to parliamentary leaders.

Another COVID-19 outbreak can also cause problems for restaurants that have lost large numbers of customers during peak delta variant waves.Restaurant owners say they haven’t recovered yet and their operations Always confused Due to an ongoing supply chain crisis, labor shortages and rising food prices.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the United States has lost more than 90,000 restaurants. Restaurant groups are urging Congress to approve more federal aid after the $ 28.6 billion relief fund quickly runs out of funds and eventually runs out of two-thirds of the restaurants that have applied for aid. ..

Sean Kennedy, Executive Vice President of Public Relations, National Restaurant Association, said:

With the Delta-led outbreak this summer, demand for concerts and other face-to-face events has leveled off. Venue operators who successfully lobbyed Congress for a $ 16 billion grant program they say prevented about 90% of the industry from going bankrupt are preparing for the next wave. .. In some cases, uptics increase the number of customers who skip previously booked shows and prevent operators from earning significant revenue from selling food, beverages, and merchandise.

“As humans, most of us crave for certainty. In a pandemic, we don’t know. Audrey Fix Schaefer, vice president of the National Independent Venue Association’s board of directors, which was launched during the pandemic, said: It states as follows.

President Biden Said on thursday He has shown that he plans to fight the winter COVID-19 wave with vaccines, booster shots and tests rather than “shutdown or blockade”, and the federal government has shown that if another outbreak occurs. Indicates that the company does not require the door to be closed.

But this week’s Biden administration Establish stricter test requirements About overseas travelers entering Japan. It was after banning overseas travel from eight countries in southern Africa near the first detected outbreak of Omicron.

The American Travel Association said it hoped the new test restrictions would be temporary, and said Airlines for America, an industry group in the aviation industry, would support the Biden administration’s international travel framework.

The threat of new variants has already affected the demand for international travel, with several business groups canceling international events this week. Japan and Israel are one of the few counties that temporarily ban all foreign tourists from entering the border.

The slump in overseas travel has made it difficult for airlines to recover, despite rising domestic demand. The airline is celebrating a highly successful Thanksgiving weekend with the most passengers since the start of the pandemic. However, the Omicron threat has already weakened domestic bookings.

“Recovery from COVID is by no means linear,” said Scott Kirby, CEO of United Airlines. Said in an interview With CNBC this week. “Omicron is almost certain. It’s too early to tell, but it definitely has a short-term impact on bookings. Bookings are less than they would otherwise be.”

‘What’s going to happen next?’: Businesses brace for omicron Source link ‘What’s going to happen next?’: Businesses brace for omicron

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