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Atlanta, Georgia 2020-11-05 21:32:45 –

Election workers will count Fulton County ballots at the State Farm Arena on November 4th.

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In the last 48 hours, there’s been something like 1,854,865,732 tweets about what’s happening in the Georgia poll. Not all of them have been done. .. .. correct. For example, voters’ ABC footage confused Georgia with Georgia. (Hint: The country is about 6,300 miles east.)

Then there is this Tweet from FiveThirtyEight Editor Nate Silver It suggests that journalists were distracted by some of the bigger news from Georgia: “Even among reporters, there will still be two spills in Georgia on January 5th. I don’t know if it’s really sinking. It will decide control of the Senate. “(The race isn’t officially called, but incumbent Republican Senator David Perdue voted for the January 5 final. Seems to play against Democrat John Osov.)

About 86% (and counts) of journalists in the state have stepped up to break the record. “Here in Georgia, we know / plan for a few months of probability!” GPB Steven Fowler counterattacks..

Judging by the volume and timing of Fowler’s tweets since the election day, he sleeps on average about three hours per night. But he didn’t delay it. Stan and suh-PORT-lo-cull-JOUR-nuh-lizm. ” (To further educate about such things, sCheck out our convenient Out-of-Towners’ Guide to Atlanta and Georgia. Silver may want to bookmark it.)

“Georgia and the South are often limited to parachute reporting, widespread generalization and fetishization of politics and culture,” Fowler continued. “And enjoy the fact that people are paying special attention to the work of my colleagues on print / TV /. The radio is doing in this great condition.”

In honor of Fowler and his fellow writers, we have collected 20 tweets from 20 Georgia-based journalists. These journalists helped deal with enthusiasts, whether they live in the United States or in the Caucasus region of Eurasia. The last two days. We recommend that you follow each task. Mania seems to last at least another two months before the Senate spill. And this is 2020, and it’s doubtful if there’s one late news day in between.

Let’s start with one of Fowler’s tweets from 3:24 IN THE MORNING on November 4th (reconfirm the timestamp).

Let’s take a closer look at the truth known to state-based reporters (not too much).

Speaking of “working in the field”. .. ..

Well, this tweet is not about election coverage. However, this story should be read because Georgians and non-Georgians alike are trying to better understand the diversity of DeKalb County (especially the Buford Highway).

This is AJC A behind-the-scenes thread of a reporter on ballot counting at the Phillips Arena (including a cigar-wielding county commissioner):

“Thank you, gentleman” was a very nice touch from this latest news post from the WABE host:

Ann AJC Political reporters pointed out the moment when Senator David Perdue fell below 50 percent in competition with John Osov.

In Georgia, there was a very gradual voting process, so AJC Reporters (and contributors to the magazine’s “The Way We Live Politics” package) called on the late Congressman John Lewis.

There is a reminder from a WSB-TV investigative journalist that there is no evidence that Democrats are stealing something. .. ..

Suburbs, they are weird (or have changed for some time now, but still):

Our own brave Thomas Wheatley investigated the scenes inside and outside the State Farm Arena.

Everything I wanted to know about the absentee ballot ruling but was afraid to ask:

Or if you don’t want to read the above AJC Story, this is the TL; DR version of the WABE reporter.

And we initially thought we would finish Georgia by noon today (hahahahaha):

Did you think Georgia became a fierce battle state overnight? Think again:

Its entire battlefield-state-overnight nonsense details:

Recall that counting 159 counties is difficult. Not to mention not all votes in the county can be counted.

And a warning: In the second most populous county of these counties, the absentee ballot ruling (see Primer above!) Will take some time.

And just as you thought you couldn’t be more nervous today, President Trump addressed the country-and, in other resentments, blamed Georgia’s election integrity.40 years AJC Political reporters politely pointed out:

Ann AJC A state legislature reporter quickly found a good way to summarize how fast voting was shifting for this particular battlefield.

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