What’s in the Senate’s $ 1 Trillion Infrastructure Bill?

Washington — Democratic-controlled US Senate is working on about $1 A trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill to update American roads, bridges and broadband networks paves the way for the possibility of voting for packages later this week.

legislation, Of President Joe Biden The country’s top priorities include $ 550 billion in new spending, with the remaining $ 1 trillion consisting of previously approved funds.

Here are some of the details of the bipartisan bill:

New spending

* Roads, bridges, major projects: $ 110 billion

* Passenger and freight rail: $ 66 billion

* Broadband infrastructure: $ 65 billion

* Water infrastructure such as the abolition of lead pipes: $ 55 billion

* Public transport: $ 39.2 billion

* Resilience including flood and wildfire mitigation, ecosystem recovery, weathering, cybersecurity: $ 47.2 billion

* Electric vehicle infrastructure including charger: $ 7.5 billion

* Addressing legacy pollution, including cleanup of brownfields and superfund sites, rehabilitation of abandoned mines, and blockages of orphan oil and gas wells: $ 21 billion

New funding

The plan includes a number of proposals to cover spending, including the following items estimated by the Congressional Budget Office’s Joint Committee on Independent Taxation and Increasing Income from Each Over the Next 10 Years. I have.

* Diversion of unused COVID-19 relief fund: $ 210 billion

* Future spectrum sales auction February 2021 c-band auction revenue: $ 87 billion

* Economic growth: $ 56 billion

* Return of unemployment insurance Funding from some states: $ 53 billion

* Delay in Medicare Apartment D rebate Rule: $ 51 billion

* Application of information reporting requirements to cryptocurrencies: $ 28 billion

* Revival of Super Fund Fees: $ 14.5 billion

What’s in the Senate’s $ 1 Trillion Infrastructure Bill?

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