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Dustin is in the house! Gaten Matarazzo gives Hollywood Life exclusive updates on the upcoming season’s shoots for Stranger Things, and talks about an exciting partnership with NERDS Candy.

2021 is ready to be a big year for Stranger Things Fans, and it starts with one of those young superstars, Gaten Matarazzo.. Gatten, who plays Dustin Henderson, is still filming the episode as we are all looking forward to the next season of the Smash Netflix show. The process he admits, as in most cases, is pandemic-influenced.

“Slow,” Gaten says when asked how production is progressing in Season 4. [Filming] Basically, I’m already playing with my ears, but the pandemic on it makes the schedule very difficult. Still, the show is going on as much as possible, and even if nothing else, it means that Gaten was able to reunite with his co-star.


“Everyone is great,” says Gaten. “I didn’t really meet anyone during the quarantine. There was a 6 month stretch where we didn’t really talk much to each other. What are we all at home? But it made it more fun to go back. The moment he returned to the set, he said, “We are doing the coolest job on the planet.”

In addition to ending next year’s season, Gaten is also working on a fun new project with NERDS candies. As part of the brand debut of Gummy Clusters, the latest multi-texture invention, Gaten invites fans to interact with him on social media, become a true geek, and make crazy hypotheses about this kind of new candy. .. “”It was a lot of fun making the video, “says Gaten. “And I like their fans coming in too. Fans go to my Instagram and tell me what they think the gummy clusters are coming to exist. I I’m still trying to figure it out, so I need people’s help! “

So far, Gaten has seen everything from wizards in the clouds to mad scientists and theories about “unicorn dung,” but after all, this experience has connected fans and is a bit, well, geeky. This is your chance! “I’m with my nerdy friends. I love being able to enjoy new candies.”

So, the story of this nerd and its words Stranger Things It raises questions since Season 2 — who is the biggest nerd Stranger Things cast? “”Probably me, “he confesses. “Of the children, I’m certainly. Finn WolfhardIt’s also there. But then, recalling a recent game of Dungeons & Dragons shot with some of the cast late last year, he adds another name to the list. “”David harborA kind of nerd. David was the one who suggested the idea for D & D and I was all in attendance … he doesn’t look like that in advance, but you get to know him. ”

What’s New in Gaten Matarazzo’s Stranger Things 4 — Interview – Hollywood Life

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