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Tulsa, Oklahoma 2021-05-06 23:00:24 –

A federal judge in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Washington, DC, ruled that the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention does not have the proper authority from Congress to issue a moratorium on eviction of peasants.

The eviction stop was to help people struggling to pay rent as a result of a pandemic.

The judge’s order is currently pending until at least May 16 because the Justice Department has appealed. It gives more time to those who are struggling to pay the rent.

“This may sound scary, but the resources available for assistance are exactly the same and will continue to be available,” said Katie Dilkus, Secretary-General of the Oklahoma Access Justice Foundation.

Dirkus believes there are about 1,000 evictions in Tulsa, which is suspended for the Moratorium. She said the family should continue to seek rental assistance through regaining hope.

“If people are delinquent in rent due to their negligence and have the resources available to pay for it, the best thing for those lessors and landlords is to be able to pay their invoices. It’s about connecting to money, so those landlords can keep their property, “said Dirks.

The eviction moratorium was scheduled to expire on June 30th. Closing before that can be a problem for the lessor, but it can also be a problem for the court.

“One of the questions that hasn’t really been answered at this time is how the court will deal with the need to rescheduling all these proceedings. Every time the moratorium is lifted, we just have to tackle it. There are only us. I thought I had it until the end of June. “

Mr Dirks said Congress could extend the moratorium. If you’ve ever faced a peasant farm, she said she would never miss a court date and reach out for legal help.

“I think it’s really important to provide a way for people to take their breath away and connect with resources that are immediately available,” Dirks said.

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What’s next after federal judge overturns eviction moratorium Source link What’s next after federal judge overturns eviction moratorium

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