What’s scary about Janice’s first NBA title? At the age of 26 he’s just getting better | Milwaukee Bucks

LVictory-grown Milwaukee Bucks, backed by the splendor of Janice Adetokumpo, the man in the sky and the ridges of the chest, the tears and the roar, and I love you. NBA champion..

On the night when the other backs couldn’t score more than 17 points, Jeannis created a masterpiece against the Phoenix Suns. 50 points. 14 rebounds. 5 (!) Blocks. 19-17 from the line. Horrible defense. Violent attack on the rim. He was everywhere and did everything for his team.As closeout performance progresses, it ranks among the best NBA Finals history.

Was not all Antetokunpo for the entire series. Bucks coach staff made savvy defensive adjustments throughout, driving Sands into an outside shot. This was a bold strategy. Khris Middleton has found a level of consistency that did not exist throughout his career. Jrue Holiday was Jrue Holiday. The same part is a defensive threat, a highly dispersed scorer that can disappear one night and hit a shot the next night.

But Tuesday night was Janice’s night. Nothing gets as big applause this morning as the NBA’s small team owner and league commissioner Adam Silver.In a league full of player movements Super teams in big cities like Brooklyn Nets and Los Angeles Lakers, Antetokunpo is the superstar I stayed at.

Rings culture Promoted the creation of a super team. When superstars’ careers and reputations (probably) diminished due to the lack of NBA titles, they found quick fixes, joined forces, and made the title easier. It is more difficult to win the championship with internal growth and margin movements. It’s best to call another Hall of Fame player to find a landing point that can help both you (and perhaps your third running mate) on and off the court.

That same culture was forced to repel. We all agree with the empowerment of the players and the signature of the flashy free agents, which has made the championship team more temporary. The championship itself feels more fleeting. Expensive stars drafted over several seasons feel less part of the city than Michael Jordan in Chicago, Stephen Curry in the Bay Area, and LeBron James in Cleveland (allowed by a superteam quarrel with Miami). After).

So a homemade superstar playing with a well-crafted roster is exactly what the league needed. He needed a solo star to push his team to the top and win for himself. your The team finds it different, cooler, and more important than microwave-heating two or three titles in a city hall of fame collection that the trio doesn’t have an attachment to. “I was able to go to the super team and play my part and win the championship,” said Antetokunpo after winning the title on Tuesday night. “But this is a difficult way to do it, and this is the way we chose to do it.”

Kevin Durant worked for his title in the Golden State. He was troubled by the appearance of each final that the Warriors won. But it’s hard to line up these victories with those achieved by Dirk Nowitzki in Dallas and Jeannis in the last two weeks. Maintaining Luka Doncic in Dallas and Devin Booker in Phoenix isn’t too difficult if you can point out the impact of the Janice title on his legacy and the NBA’s overall culture.

that is this The star who brought each person’s victory will not be hurt. He’s not the only one who stayed when others bolted in search of an easier path. He is an international star at the dawn of the global era of games. As LeBrons, Stephs and Pauls grow older, they will be in the Antetokounmpos, Doncics, Embiids and Jokics leagues. This is an international Premier League-style tournament that the NBA has long sought to build.

At Janice, the band has a perfect frontman.He is a charming, hard-working star in the room, with charisma Inside story According to that. “I hope people all over the world can do that,” said Antetokunpo after claiming the title. “My mom was selling things on the street, and now I’m sitting at the top here. If I don’t sit at this table again, it’s okay.”

This will not be the last time he is at the table. Lebron won his first title in the nine league seasons. Jordan won first in the seventh time. His 8th wilt; his 9th Shaq; his 10th Durant. Antetokounmpo won his first final in his eighth season with the best traditional evolutionary line ever. A big rise to stop you.

Some of the all-timers mentioned above have spent years honing their games in college. At the age of 18, Janice was trying to get the attention of NBA Scouts by dribbling around a folding chair in a leaky gym in Greece during downtime.

He is currently the league’s two-time MVP, NBA champion, and final MVP. He built the game slowly and orderly, using one skill to enable another and building brick by brick.

By the time he was in the final, he reinvented his game. He played most of the three seasons as “Point Jeannis”, carried the ball to the floor and launched an attack, but deep in the playoffs, he was asked to act as an off-the-ball freight train: Screen. Rather than trying to play an external game that reflects the settings, driving Lebron or Durant, it disrupts the defense on the move towards the rim. He is essentially Shaquille O’Neal in the body of the surrounding players. Rather than Milwaukee forcing the Lebron style dumped from the postseason over the last two seasons, he agreed with the team’s needs. He abandoned his role as a creator, drove hard to Lamb, lurked in defense, flew end-to-end in search of a simple bucket, and chased blocks. He did an unattractive job in the post and engaged on the side of the hurt bully in his game, rather than drifting around and trying to lift a clunky three.

Its versatility, the ability to switch between regular season run-and-gun style and post-season Grimier style, makes him special. In the history of sports, few Super Duper Stars have the physical tools and selflessness to make such large-scale adjustments on the fly.

And think about it. At the age of 26, he’s still only scratching the surface of his all-purpose game. At some point, he will be able to blend those styles in the middle of the game. Shooting outside him will be better. So is his decision-making and vision as a passerby. Soon he will be able to switch from own to own, game to game, or series to series-based winning style. If it is clicked, do your best to everyone else.

What’s scary about Janice’s first NBA title? At the age of 26 he’s just getting better | Milwaukee Bucks

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