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Recently, after a neighbor complained, he sought readers’ views on a neighborhood kickball game on a street that was “shut down” by police (“What is your view … neighborhood street games,August 25). Below are some of the answers we received. (We usually don’t carry out opinions from sources that want to remain anonymous, but in this case we’ve made exceptions for some neighbors who feared retaliation from those who disagreed with them. be careful.)

Take 1: Missy Berglund, Education Program Manager Illuminate ColoradoA state-wide nonprofit that strengthens families, organizations, and communities to prevent child abuse

Illuminate Colorado recommends letting them play! Playing the game together builds a protective factor for the community ( Over and over again, evidence shows that protective factors and positive childhood experiences can have a direct impact on brain structure. When young people have positive experiences in communities and schools, build positive relationships with supporting adults, and participate in cultural and community traditions, their brains are affected by past trauma and harmful experiences. Can be healed.

Earlier this year, the Colorado Children’s Hospital declared a youth mental health emergency. So, at first glance, it may seem easy, but getting out on the street and declaring an adult-child kickball game as a community tradition has long-term positive consequences for everyone involved.

So move your car out of the way, get your neighbors involved, see who wins and relieve stress. My money is in the kids!

Take 2: Bonnie Sumner, Woodland park

I grew up in a quiet neighborhood in New York City. There was no one-way traffic because the street was a dead end in front of our house.

I played everything from skipping rope to punching bags to tags on the street. We were kids in the neighborhood and we left home and enjoyed exercising and having fun with just a few rules.

I know there are now neighborhoods all over the country that have begun to close the streets designated as Play Street. The problem here is that a particular street may not be the best choice for the neighborhood — so find another.

Also, it is very sad that only a specific family can enjoy it.

Take 3: Lives in Colorado Springs, hoping to remain anonymous for fear of retaliation

We had a long-standing problem with children playing in the streets in the neighborhood, and I fall to the Colorado Springs police side.

The list continues with the money the city has spent on so many parks (taxpayer money), the number of activity centers (trampoline parks, mini golf, bowling, etc.), and the backyard and front yard. .. Why can’t kids play in any of those areas? Note: I have children, so I’m not a moody old lady.

There’s little you hate more than rushing something (you’ll have to change clothes and do the following as soon as you get home): A road 100 feet from the driveway. (You get a scowl when you need to allow the child to move sideways and pass through to activate.) Especially recently, the child sprinkles with a little attitude so that it doesn’t get in your way. He said he was having a sweet time (parents don’t raise children as before) … and all of this brought about a very frustrating and tense situation where the kids were on their way. You can definitely avoid it if you don’t claim it.

I’m sure many people will say “relax!” And “easily!” —But the same kids who are playing on the street now are those in their twenties who are hijacking the street. If you haven’t learned anything else from your life of the last 18 months or so, the kids hijacking the streets aren’t in this country. Any good thing.

Take 4: Another Colorado Springs resident who sought to remain anonymous for fear of retaliation

As a child, we children were taught that the street is not a place to play. The street is for cars — there are no ifs / ands / or buts. There are reasons for laws and regulations. Parents should know better just because their child decides to play on the street, parents should step up to their obligations as parents !! I fully agree with the Colorado Springs Police Department ..

Are there any problems in your neighborhood that are bothering you? Send your “take” to the editor Michelle Crow. For consideration in this area. Submissions may be edited.

What’s Your Take On … Neighborhood street games (continued) | North Springs Edition Source link What’s Your Take On … Neighborhood street games (continued) | North Springs Edition

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