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Racine, Wisconsin — Memo Fachino and Lancemeier Rainbow pride flag Outside Racine’s house for the past five years. Couples have a good reputation in the neighborhood when it comes to holiday decorations.

So when asked by the Homeowners Association to remove the rainbow flag before Pride Month, they simply said, “We make it work.”

They already had lights and decorations in-house from the previous holidays, so they simply added colorful light bulbs to their floodlights, creating a stunning rainbow that reflects throughout their home.

After receiving an email from the neighborhood homeowners’ association asking them to drop the pride flag, the couple created a light show. Fachino says he received the email the day after the group adopted a rule banning all flags except the American flag.


The couple’s house on Tuesday evening.

The couple believe that the rules were introduced as a result of the recent political situation.

“Because of our neighbors holding the BLM flag, the Thin Blue Line flag, and other opinion flags, the HOA last month decided to allow only the US flag and nothing else.” Fachino writes. Reddit post. Since then, the post has spread by word of mouth, with over 6,000 comments.

Fachino, an active director of HOA, said he did not intend to be hostile to the association. Rather, his intention was to respond in a creative way to comply with the rules.

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“I think it definitely gives me the idea that it’s not an unusual rule,” Fachino said. “People are happy to see what they can do while showing your diversity within the rules.”

The couple say they always feel supported by their community and never feel attacked.

“We didn’t feel targeted and we didn’t have any hostile communication. I think it was just part of them enforcing the rules,” Fachino said.

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This story was originally published by Jessica Maduka at Scripps Station TMJ4 In Milwaukee.

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