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Cleveland (WJW) — Short days and long nights, in addition to the sweater weather and pumpkin spice season.

The shortest day of the year, also known as the first day of winter, is imminent, and the days are rapidly shortening. In other words, it’s almost 3 minutes a day.

Tonight will be the last night of 2021 and the sunset will be visible after 7:30 pm.

The next time the sunset will be displayed after 8 pm April 10, 2022, This is also a season of rapid sunlight improvement in about 3 minutes a day.

FOX 8s meteorologist Bryan Shaw says if you want to see a spectacular sunset, look for a day when the sky is full of cirrus clouds. High and thin.

Clouds aren’t thick enough to block the sun, so these are the best sunrises and sunsets, but he says the sun refracts and provides enough surface to show shades of purple and orange.

Brian caught the sunset in an Indians match earlier this summer.

Sunset just before 9 pm on June 30, 2021 (FOX 8 Meteorologist Brian Show)

If you like sunrise more, you don’t need to set an alarm too early to catch the alarm every day. After October 7, the sunrise will be after 7:30 am and will continue until March 20, 2022.

We will soon “Fallback” time changeThe clock is set to roll back at 2 am on Sunday, November 7th

The “early spring” time change is scheduled for March 13, 2022.

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