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When is a speeding ticket too old? Controversial pastor Tony Spell has to pay up for one from ’99 | News – New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana 2021-05-12 05:00:00 –

The Louisiana Supreme Court upheld the city court’s decision on Tuesday, refusing to take up the controversial appeal of Rev. Central on his conviction for a speed ticket near the age of 22 in Zachary.

Pastor Tony Spell, a pastor of the Life Tabernacle Church, was convicted in August of exceeding Zachary’s speed limit by more than 20 miles per hour, and subsequently did not appear in court on May 23, 1999. Prosecutors and court officials said. ..

Spell’s excellent arrest warrant, a frank critic of Governor John Bel Edwards’ coronavirus restrictions last year, has remained for years since it was issued at the end of President Bill Clinton’s final term.

The warrant was last year after a parish in front of a man and his church protesting that Spell was arrested in Central and the minister refused to stop worshiping the church in violation of Edward’s pandemic rules. Appeared when booked in jail.

The assault and another accusation from the case are pending, but the prosecutor said Spell faced fines and charges for his conviction against speeding tickets and bench warrants, as well as legal costs.

Spell and his lawyer, Jeffrey Wittenblink, were trying to overturn the conviction for constitutional reasons, primarily over Spell’s right to a quick trial. The spell was also tested in Zachary, who was absent, on behalf of Witten Brink, as the minister refused to appear in court with his mask on.

On Tuesday, the High Court ruled 6-1 against taking up the case. Only Judge Jefferson Hughes III said he had granted the spelling warrant and considered the appeal.

Under state law, Zachary City prosecutor David Conachen said that if someone did not appear in court and an arrest warrant was issued, the one-year period for conducting that type of traffic trial would be suspended. It was.

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Konachen, who did not prosecute Spell last year but took office in January, said on June 16, 1999, Spell did not appear in court after the ticket was issued three and a half weeks earlier that year.

In his briefs, Mr. Konachen said he quoted a previous state Supreme Court ruling in support of the conviction that a man was tried at the count required for eight years.

“And they basically said,” Yeah, this lasts forever. If you don’t show up, you lose your quote-you lose the right to a quick trial because you didn’t show up. And that bench warrant will stay there forever, “Konachen said.

Mr. Whittenblink said that the state courts are bound by the US Supreme Court’s case law, and the suspension of the trial deadline, especially promptly, is simply the defendant’s actions.

“I can’t apply everything to them,” Wittenblink said. “The state has an obligation to pursue the conclusions of the case.”

“21 years is just beyond the paleness of the misdemeanor case,” he added.

Wittenblink said Spell would seek a warrant from the US Supreme Court, adding that the appeal attempt was not about not paying tickets, but about the principle of ensuring that the court complies with the law.

When is a speeding ticket too old? Controversial pastor Tony Spell has to pay up for one from ’99 | News Source link When is a speeding ticket too old? Controversial pastor Tony Spell has to pay up for one from ’99 | News

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