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Hanukkah comes earlier than usual this year and starts at the end of November instead of December.

Knoxville, Tennessee — Sunday night marks the beginning of Hanukkah 2021, earlier than many are accustomed to. Holiday start dates are constantly changing and may not start in December.

Hanukkah dates are associated with the Hebrew calendar, not the Gregorian calendar used in most Western countries. The Hebrew calendar year is based on the 354 days it takes for the moon to go through a complete cycle of twelve. According to experts..

Therefore, the number of days per month in the calendar is close to the number of days in the Gregorian calendar, and Hebrew holidays are usually classified in a similar time frame. However, they do not always match.

To make sure that the holidays are not completely out of sync with the Gregorian calendar, the Hebrew calendar occasionally adds another month to the Jewish calendar, creating a essentially Jewish leap year.

The current year of the Hebrew calendar is just such a year, with the addition of an additional month, Adar II, in early spring. Then the Passover 2022 will be on April 15th, which is a more typical date.

Hanukkah will continue until December 6th this year.

in the meantime Hanukkah every night, People add one candle every night, Shamash, “Helper” candles. Lights first every night and is used to light all other candles.

So on the first night of Hanukkah, Shamash Lights up with one other candle. Forty-four candles will be used during the eight nights in Hanukkah.

The main branch candlestick lights up after sunset and is traditionally displayed near the window so anyone can see it. Mitz bar, A kind of tradition. The candles are placed in order on the right side of the menorah every day and light up from left to right.

Traditional Hanukkah dishes include fried potato pancakes called racquets. Jelly donutsCalled sufganiyot. With Latkes sufganiyot Usually fried, it is intended to commemorate the miracle of the oil Hanukkah, which lasts eight nights.

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