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Boston, Massachusetts 2021-04-23 21:45:59 –

Massachusetts and Maine officials said administration of the Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine should resume on Friday. Federal Health Agency has lifted its use suspension..

The vaccine will be used again in Vermont starting next week, Vermont health officials said.

The suspension of a single dose shot of Johnson & Johnson was valid for 11 days due to the rare risk of blood clots. The government has found 15 vaccinated people who have developed a very rare type of blood clot out of nearly 8 million people given J & J shots. All were women and most were under the age of fifty. Three have died and seven remain hospitalized.

But finally on Friday, the Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention decided that J & J’s one-off vaccine was important to combat the pandemic. You must use that shot or alternative.

“Health and safety are at the forefront of our decisions, above all,” CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Warrensky said in a statement. “Our vaccine safety system is working. We have identified very rare events from millions of doses,” continues to monitor J & J Shots.

To MassachusettsThe state’s COVID-19 Response Command Center said in a statement Friday evening that the single-shot vaccine was to be used effectively again soon.

“Following today’s CDC decision to resume the use of the Johnson & Johnson (Jansen) COVID-19 vaccine, the Massachusetts Public Health Service has notified all providers that the J & J vaccine can be resumed. “The federal government has recommended suspending from due caution due to the very rare conditions reported by a small number of individuals across the country, and the government appreciates their careful review of this issue. To do.”

Maine CDC director Nirav Shah and health commissioner Jeanne Lambrew said in a joint statement on Friday that shots should also be administered immediately.

“Following the Commission’s recommendations, the US Food and Drug Administration and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have allowed vaccine providers to resume use of the J & J vaccine,” the statement said. “As a result, Maine recommends that providers resume their use of J & J vaccines immediately. This in-depth scientific study demonstrates the strength of the US vaccine safety system. We work with providers. We are ready to work together to resume the use of J & J vaccines. A wide range of efforts to vaccinate people in Maine quickly and equitably. “

To Vermont, The vaccine will be used again from Monday.

“We are pleased that the supply of this vaccine is back available to protect Vermonter from the COVID-19 virus,” Governor Phil Scott said in a statement. “Thanks to the transparent efforts made by the CDC and FDA to confirm the facts during the suspension, which means that we all have a commitment to ensure the safety of the vaccine. Shows. Available and most appropriate. “

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