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Jerusalem (AP) —Saturday night, thousands of Israelis demonstrate outside Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s official residence and resume …

Jerusalem (AP) —Thousands of Israelis demonstrating outside Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s official residence on Saturday night, after the urgent restrictions imposed as part of the blockade of the coronavirus were lifted, Israeli leaders Weekly protests against.

Protests were curtailed last month after Israel imposed new blockades in response to a new virus outbreak. Urgent regulations have prevented Israelis from traveling to Jerusalem to protest, allowing people to attend only small demonstrations within 1 km (0.5 miles) of their home.

Protesters gathered in central Jerusalem, marched to Netanyahu’s official residence, called on him to go, and raised a flag shouting “Revolution!”. Many blew horns and hit the drums, while others raised the Israeli flag. Numerous small-scale demonstrations were held nationwide, and the organizers claimed that about 260,000 people participated nationwide.

Protesters say Netanyahu must resign while being tried for corruption, saying he is not suitable for leading the country. They also say he mishandled the viral crisis that caused the unemployment rate to skyrocket.

Netanyahu has been tried on charges of fraud, lieutenant, and bribery for his role in a series of scandals. He denied the charges and said he was a victim of a conspiracy by enthusiastic police and prosecutors, as well as liberal media.

Israeli media reported several cases of violence by far-right anti-demonstrators. In a city north of Haifa, police said they had arrested three people suspected of using pepper spray on demonstrators.

Earlier this year, Israel was able to contain the outbreak of the virus by blocking its borders and imposing strict blockades. However, the rapid resumption of the economy led to an increase in incidents, forcing a second blockade.

Health officials say the new regulations have reduced infection rates, and Israel will begin easing the blockade by reopening day care centers and some businesses on Sunday. It is expected that a full restart will take several months.

According to government statistics, the unemployment rate, including free-spirited furloughs, has skyrocketed to nearly 25%. Many protesters include business owners, entrepreneurs, and lost workers.

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