When will Moderna, J&J boosters start? CDC panel meets Thursday – Riverside, California

Riverside, California 2021-10-21 12:36:53 –

The latest move by the FDA will increase the number of Americans targeted for COVID-19 booster shots by tens of millions.

Washington — Influential government advisers are deciding on Thursday the best way to expand the country’s COVID-19 booster campaign.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advisors will discuss who should receive additional doses of Moderna or Johnson & Johnson vaccines, and the larger issue of getting boosters a brand different from the people’s original vaccinations.

The Food and Drug Administration approved both steps on Wednesday. This is part of the federal government’s push to increase booster access for US citizens. However, the CDC is guided by its advisory board and provides the final blessing.

Approximately two-thirds of Americans on COVID-19 shots are fully vaccinated, and millions have received additional Pfizer vaccines after the FDA and CDC granted their approval last month. I am. Health officials want boosters to boost immunity to mild coronavirus infections, but all vaccines still provide strong protection against hospitalization and death, and the first unvaccinated injection. Give priority to.

“For most people, in most situations, COVID-19 death can be prevented with a vaccine,” said Dr. Matthew Daily, CDC advisor to Kaiser Permanente, Colorado.

Thursday’s meeting promises tough decisions, like the panel facing Pfizer’s boosters. Ultimately, these boosters were recommended for everyone over the age of 65, nursing home residents, and young adults who are at high risk of infection due to health problems, work, or living conditions. This includes health care workers, teachers, people in prisons and homeless shelters.

The FDA cleared half of Moderna’s boosters in the same group six months after the last shot.

However, for J & J’s one-shot vaccine, the FDA said all US recipients only have to wait two months after the first vaccination. The agency said adults who took J & J shots should be eligible for boosters. This is a study-based decision showing that a single dose of J & J is significantly less effective than a single dose of Pfizer or Moderna.

When it comes to mixed-and-match questions, the FDA has opened up a way for anyone who qualifies as a booster to get one of the country’s three certified brands at that additional dose. The FDA has emphasized the utility of having access to boosters offered by certain pharmacies and clinics. Especially for use in nursing homes and other facilities where residents receive various shots over time.

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When will Moderna, J&J boosters start? CDC panel meets Thursday Source link When will Moderna, J&J boosters start? CDC panel meets Thursday

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