“When will this end?”: American factory town devastated by changing jobs abroad | Business

“Distrust. I’m distraught and traumatized.”

Used by United Steelworkers Local 8-957 President Joe Gouzd to explain how he and hundreds of other workers felt after the 56-year-old pharmaceutical plant in West Virginia was closed. Just a few of the words I did 1,500 to 2,000 jobs To India and Australia.

Just outside Morgantown, Chestnut Ridge’s Beatrice plant has been in operation since 1965 and offers high-paying jobs in one of the poorest states in the United States. And the timing of the closure infuriates the workers.

“This is the last generic drug manufacturing giant in the United States, and executives are offshoring our work to India for more profit. If another pandemic occurs, this is me. What will we bring to us? ”Goods said.

It has also caused political turmoil, parliament has been accused of negligence, and workers have accused profits in front of people.

“When will this end and lose American jobs? All the politicians you hear are part of their political foundations: work, domestic work, domestic manufacturing, work takeaway, and manufacturing. Is to return to America, “said Goosed.

Since the election of Donald Trump, offshoring of work has taken on a new political weight. However, his records during his tenure were as poor as his predecessor.

The United States does not track all jobs lost offshoring, but the Ministry of Labor is a petitioner for workers under federal law designed to help those affected by trade. Count the number.

According to ReutersFor Trump’s four years, these petitions have targeted 202,151 workers who have changed jobs abroad, slightly less than Obama’s 209,735 workers.

Biden suggested Tax companies doing offshore workBut I still don’t know if he will succeed. Viatris may prove his first big test.

The union is fighting to prevent the factory from closing and requires officials elected by the Defense Production Act of 1950 to reuse the factory. “For reasons other than the return on investment of investors,” a parliamentary elected official said, Gouzd, who has worked at the plant for 22 years.

Local union branch Represents About 900 workers. “Families will be forced to relocate and will probably sell their homes and relocate from West Virginia. Here they will remove 2,000 high-paying jobs in central and northern West Virginia and from the loss of income from the local economy. It robs $ 150 million to $ 200 million. “

Less than a month after Mylan merge With Pfizer’s Upjohn establishing Beatrice, the company has informed the union of plans to close its factory and send work abroad as part of a $ 1 billion cost-cutting restructuring. plans.. Mylan reported a profit of $ 3.9 billion in 2019, with a pre-merger quarterly profit of over $ 1 billion. The factory will be discontinued on July 31, when most of the workforce will be dismissed, and the closure work will be completed by March 31, next year.

Carla Schultz, 60, has been working in the factory for 13 years and is worried that she may not be ready to retire, but she is too old to return to college or has the same wages. I can’t find another job with my allowance.

Through her work, Schultz was able to receive chemotherapy pills for her mother. The same drug would have cost her family $ 7,000 a month without the benefit of her work. During the pandemic, her mother caught the coronavirus and is currently hospitalized with oxygen and needs 24 hours of care.

“It put more stress on our already stressful situation of caring for our family. I also care for my three grandchildren, two of whom are in school age. , They were at home a lot while the school was closed because of Covid, “Schultz said.

“My sister and I take turns taking care of my mother. After quitting work, I take a nap as much as possible to help keep up with the midnight shift schedule. It’s not easy to catch up, but we I will do what I have to do for my family. “

Chad McCormick, the record secretary of USW Local 8-957, has been working in the factory since 2001, but is forced to find a much lower-paying job to stay in the area where his family has lived for decades. I expect it to be done.

“I’ve been here for over 20 years. Since then, I’ve been married, have three children, and built a house,” McCormick said. “It’s just catastrophic, and far more people are now considering relocation than I expected.”

The· West Virginia Congress has passed a bill calling on Governor Jim Justice and Joe Biden to save their jobs.Senators Elizabeth Warren and Marco Rubio have introduced the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Review Act to conduct research on America’s excessive dependence on foreign countries in the pharmaceutical industry, both of which. West Virginia The senator sponsored the bill.

According to Gouzd, Republican senator Shelley Moore Capito ignored the plea to work with Biden officials to save the plants. Democrat Joe ManchinHe was CEO of Mylan until his daughter retired in 2020, but also ignores their request to participate and support.

Viatris quoted the factory closure as part of its global restructuring initiative and said it was looking for alternatives outside the company’s network.

“The phasing out of manufacturing operations in Morgantown is a decision the company has not neglected and never reflects our true appreciation for the commitment and work ethic of Chestnut Ridge employees.” It said.

“When will this end?”: American factory town devastated by changing jobs abroad | Business

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