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Wichita, Kansas (KSNW) — At first glance, a parade of bright white lights in the sky may surprise you, but SpaceX’s Starlink satellites are seen more often. The main reason we can see them is that the satellites reflect sunlight. However, the company reduced the brightness of the satellite so that it did not get in the way of astronomers.

Despite the diminished brightness, there are some successful reports from people watching the satellite. The next few nights can have one or two storms, but the sky is partially cloudy and suitable for average viewing of Starlink satellites. Not only do you keep in mind the weather conditions, but also be aware that the time is not 100% accurate due to the frequent changes in satellite orbits. Sometimes this happens without warning.

You can see the satellite from northwest to southeast for 5 minutes at 9:58 pm on Thursday night (June 10, 2021). Altitude from the horizon starts at 11 degrees. Then move to 59 degrees and finish at 24 degrees. To make this easier to understand, the horizon is 0 degrees and the point directly above is 90 degrees.

If you miss this opportunity, you have a few more opportunities. Watch 5 minutes from northwest to south at 5:15 am on Saturday early morning (June 12, 2021). Start at an altitude of 10 degrees, or just above the horizon. If you tilt your head to 37 degrees, it will end at 10 degrees again while looking south.

The satellite will be displayed for 5 minutes at 4:05 am on early Sunday morning (or late Saturday night) (June 13, 2021). Must be seen from northwest to southeast. Elevation from the horizon is similar to Saturday night. The only difference is that you tilt your head up to 52 degrees.

If possible, take advantage of finding satellites. Visibility will be reduced after Sunday morning. Also, if you have access to the SpaceX Starlink satellite, take a picture or record a video.Click to share here.

-Meteorologist Ronell Williams

Where and when to see the parade of Starlink satellites Source link Where and when to see the parade of Starlink satellites

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