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Atlanta (CBS46) — A lot of money is being put into the Atlanta Mayor’s race. But so far, less attention has been paid to the money flowing out of the campaign.

A surprising omission from one of the top race candidates has not been explained so far.

And it lacks a dramatic 98% explanation of the top candidates for the purpose of spent money.

The Election Funds Report, scheduled for the end of September, has so far shown these expenditures.

Kasim Reed-$ 1.9 Million

Sharon Gay-$ 1.3 Million

Andre Dickens-$ 841,000

Felicia Moore-$ 653,000

Antonio Brown-No Report

Reading hundreds of pages of expenses is a review course on the costs of recent campaigns.

Thousands of dollars for Facebook ads, campaign commercials, and opposition surveys. The law requires the purpose of expenses. Gay, Dickens and Moore mainly revealed what they did with their money.

However, he is not the former mayor of Kasim Reed. Almost all of his spending lines are blank.

“It’s very easy to list the purpose, and if you don’t do it, it raises a danger signal because it makes me think you’re hiding something.”

The discovery of those omissions has plagued good government advocates and often lead critics William Perry. He filed a complaint with the State Institutional Review Board about omissions. One spending stood out for him.

Over $ 40,000 went to Tyler Perry Studio and I wonder why.

“They are friends. Is he using the campaign money to curry his friends’ favors, or is he paying him back for doing something, or was there an event there?”

“By law, the campaign has and will have 30 days to amend disclosures,” said Anne Torres, spokeswoman for Kasim Reed’s campaign. She also says Perry is campaigning for Reed’s opponent, Felicia Moore.

Rashad Richey, a political consultant at CBS46, wonders if the Reed campaign gap for submissions for campaign purposes would signal voters a danger.

“I don’t say what the campaign spent money on. That’s a problem.” He says more than 30 percent of undecided voters can turn questions into decisions about their vote. ..

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Where are the contributions to Atlanta mayoral campaigns going? | News Source link Where are the contributions to Atlanta mayoral campaigns going? | News

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