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Uvalde, Texas (KXAN) — The ease with which 18-year-old Salvador Ramos bought two semi-automatic rifles and more than 1,600 bullets in Texas before killing 19 children and two adults at Yuvarde Elementary School on Tuesday. It highlights the free access of ammunition to civilians.

Retired FBI agent Joseph Lewis, who spent 27 years at the station, told KXAN that the purchase of Ramos would not raise a flag or alert. Officials say Ramos had no criminal record. According to Lewis and gun policy experts, he has passed a background check and there is no legal limit to the number of bullets that can be purchased in the store.

“You’re talking about Texas, it’s wide open,” Lewis said.

According to a published report, Ramos legally obtained a gun through Oasis Outback, a sporting goods store in Yubaldi.

KXAN visited Oasis Outback on Friday. The store representative said, “It was a difficult time for the whole town.” He did not comment further on Ramos’ business and asked KXAN to leave the property.

Although Ramos’s purchase at the Oasis Outback didn’t sound any warning, KXAN was imprisoned in federal prison after legally purchasing about 10,000 bullets from the same store in 2009. I found that. In that case, the Oasis Outback did not violate the law.

According to a published report, Yuvalde’s elementary school shooter Salvador Ramos legally obtained guns and ammunition from a local sporting goods store, Oasis Outback. (KXAN Photo / Matt Grant)

Some regulations

In Texas, there is no minimum age to buy ammunition, the ammunition seller does not need to keep a record of the buyer, and there is no specific license to buy or sell ammunition. According to the Gifford Law Center.

There are some prohibitions.

Ammunition may not be sold to a person within 5 years of being released from confinement for a felony, or within 5 years of the end of parole or probation of a felony. Texas law also prohibits selling ammunition to drunk people. Armor-piercing shells have been outlawed, according to the Gifford Center.

According to officials, Ramos, an archer at an elementary school in Yuvarde, violates the law and flags when he buys and picks up an AR-15-style rifle, or buys more than 1,600 bullets. I don’t think I raised it.

Law enforcement agencies have not disclosed where Ramos bought the bullets. The sporting goods store in Oasis Outback, where Ramos obtained a semi-automatic rifle, was linked to the 2009 federal smuggling case.

In 2009, the store sold more than 10,000 .223 bullets to Eagle Pass operator Fred Farhat. According to federal court records, Farhat attempted to smuggle bullets into Mexico separately.

According to court documents and records, buying and selling such large numbers of bullets was not illegal. But moving bullets across national borders required permission from the US State Department, federal officials said.

Agents from the US Immigration and Customs Department tracked after Farhat purchased in Uvalde. They found that Farhat had repacked the bullets and sold them to a couple who tried to move them across the border to Piedras Negras. It’s not clear how federal authorities were flagged or why they decided to investigate Farhat after he bought the round.

Farhat was convicted of plotting to smuggle ammunition.. He was sentenced to five years in prison in federal prison and then released from prison for three years under surveillance. A woman who tried to shoot a bullet across the border pleaded guilty to her, and she was sentenced to 30 months in federal prison for the same crime.

Where did the Texas elementary school shooter get the guns? Source link Where did the Texas elementary school shooter get the guns?

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