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Cleveland (WJW / AP) —A few days from the sixth and final step forward Child tax credit Pay in 2021. Meanwhile, some lawmakers are working to repeat it in 2022.

Democratic Party Regain better behavior Some $ 1.9 trillion will expire by Christmas after December 31st COVID-19 (new coronavirus infection) A bailout bill approved by Congress in March.

This includes larger child tax credits and monthly payments of those benefits to millions of families. This will end unless a member of the Diet updates it.

Congress can retroactively restore credit next year, but many lawmakers want to avoid any interruptions.

Faced with unanimous Republican opposition, Democrats will need all votes in the 50-50 Senate. They also need all but three in the House of Representatives and need to pass the bill again with Senate amendments before sending them to Biden.

Part of American rescue plan The existing tax credit passed in March increased from $ 2,000 per child to $ 3,600 per child under the age of 6 to $ 3,000 for children aged 6-16. Eligible families were eligible for a monthly payment of up to $ 300 per child.

The White House said the Build Back Better Act would extend the bailout plan to more than 35 million households.

Scheduled 6-month payments for eligible families will begin in July and end on December 15.

Where do we stand on advance payments in 2022? Source link Where do we stand on advance payments in 2022?

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