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Layout by President Joe Biden Ambitious agenda For the first 100 days after taking office, from climate change to immigration reform, Coronavirus pandemic..

He will celebrate his 50th day in the office on Wednesday as his administration has witnessed a major milestone: Final Parliamentary passage of his huge $ 1.9 trillion coronavirus aid package.. The bill includes direct payments to millions of Americans and money to help the White House fulfill the promises of Biden’s biggest campaign. School reopening And Vaccinated more Americans..

Fifty days later, Biden made great strides in many of his early inauguration’s major campaign promises, but others are still awaiting action. Where he stands for some of his major promises:

Completed goal

Biden prioritized addressing the coronavirus pandemic in the first few weeks of his tenure, and his focus was rewarded. He is moving at a pace to reach his goal of 100 million vaccinations in the first 100 days soon after the end of next week. Currently, the average daily vaccination rate is over 2 million, and since Biden’s oath, more than 75 million have been vaccinated.

Biden also took some early actions to fulfill its commitment to climate policy. On the day of his inauguration, he revoked the Keystone XL oil pipeline permit, stopped the development of the Arctic National Wildlife Sanctuary, and issued an executive order ordering a review of Trump-era rules on the environment, public health, and science. I signed it. An executive order on January 27 suspended new oil and gas leasing in federal land and offshore waters.

Biden also easily fulfilled a top campaign pledge, including rolling back the Trump administration’s move, from climate change to immigration. Early on, the Biden administration rejoined the World Health Organization and the Paris Climate Agreement, stopped building border walls, ended travel restrictions for people from various Islamic majority countries, and separated families in the United States. Created a task force to reunite-Mexico border.

Regarding immigration, Biden promised to submit a comprehensive reform bill to Congress within the first 100 days, announced last month, but Biden has already shown openness to individualized approaches as needed. I will. Biden also issued an executive order instructing the Secretary of Homeland Security to “maintain and strengthen” the protection of young immigrants brought to the United States by their parents.

Biden also has several to implement pledges to strengthen ethical standards in his administration, including the Executive Order of January 20, which imposes an ethical pledge on those who govern activities such as lobbying and receiving gifts. I made the early move. ..

in progress

Yet another Biden promise remains work in progress.

Biden’s national COVID-19 strategy has promised to establish 100 new federal-supported vaccination centers nationwide by the end of February. So far, the government is run end-to-end by the federal government and is located at about 20 mass vaccination sites deployed by active troops deployed by the Department of Defense. Overall, the government states that at least 441 vaccination sites are currently supported by the federal government. Many of them weren’t new sites, but almost all expanded capacity with additional federal resources.

For immigrants Biden pledged Overturn the “public responsibility” rules enforced by the Trump administration, discourage immigrants from using public benefits, streamline the naturalization process, and reform the US asylum system within the first 100 days. An executive order he signed in early February urges relevant agencies to review these policies and recommend changes within 60 days.

The government will reform the asylum system, including a move by the Department of Homeland Security on the first day of Biden’s inauguration to suspend a Trump-era program that requires asylum seekers to wait in Mexico while the allegations are being considered. Made some moves for. But Biden has yet to articulate plans to manage the flow of asylum beyond the proposal to spend billions of dollars addressing the root causes of Central America.

The president also maintains pandemic-related powers that allow his administration to immediately expel people at the border without the opportunity to seek asylum. Biden’s aide said there were no immediate plans to terminate the authorities, which Trump introduced using the ambiguous Public Health Act of 1944.

Biden also promised to end the long-term detention of migrant families. The Immigration and Customs Department announced plans to discontinue use of such facilities last week, but ICE will continue to retain families within three days at two other facilities in Texas. The Biden administration is also expanding the capacity of many long-term facilities to accommodate migrant children in order to cope with the continued surge of unaccompanied minors at the border.

About climate change, Biden Establish a enforceable commitment From other countries to reduce global shipping and aviation emissions Held the Climate World Summit Within his first 100 days, discuss a new and more ambitious pledge to deal with climate change. The United States will hold such a summit on Earth Day on April 22nd.

Reopening American schools is one of Biden’s main campaign promises, which can be difficult to implement as the decision to return to face-to-face learning is left to the union of local officials and teachers. Proven. After several discussions last month on the details of his goals, Biden said his 100-day mission was to open most primary schools five days a week to study directly.

This month he instructed the state to prioritize vaccination teachers and announced in March that it would direct federal resources to vaccination teachers. The Biden administration will be able to return teachers to face-to-face learning more comfortably with the passage of the Coronavirus Relief Bill and the distribution of millions of dollars to help schools improve security measures. I want

Approximately 47% of students from kindergarten to grade 12 go directly to school on weekdays, according to Burbio, which tracks school reopening plans.

Waiting action

The Biden administration has not yet taken significant action on criminal justice reform, with the exception of an executive order terminating private prison contracts. Biden has promised to set up a police oversight committee within the first 100 days, but so far there has been no clear move in that direction.

Another 100-day pledge is also awaiting movement: Create a cabinet-level working group focused on promoting union participation and order an FBI review of gun purchase background issues.

Some of Biden’s 100-day pledges require parliamentary action, including re-approving violence against women and promising tax increases for businesses. Biden also pledged to enact an equality law prohibiting discrimination based on gender, sexual orientation and gender identity. This is his first 100 day priority. The bill passed the House of Representatives, but not the Senate.

And some of his promises are waiting for Biden’s Cabinet Secretary to be confirmed by the Senate. Regarding gun control, Biden said he would instruct the Attorney General to submit recommendations to rebuild major judicial ministries to more effectively enforce national gun law. He also promised to lead the Task Force to the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to develop recommendations for housing rights for all Americans.

Both his Attorney General candidate Merrick Garland and his candidate to lead the housing sector, Congressman Mercia Fudge, are expected to win confirmation this week.

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