Where Loki, Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and WandaVision filmed near Atlanta – Atlanta, Georgia

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The Falcon and the Winter Soldier were shot extensively in Metro Atlanta last year.

Photo courtesy of Marvel Studios

Disney + Over the last two years, it has exploded in our homes, bringing a number of popular shows based on the big event franchise.Here in Atlanta, I’m used to the Marvel Cinematic Universe Stop by quite regularly Dress up the streets, flip some trucks over, and fire some blanks in the name of entertainment. The same was true for pivoting from a large screen to a small screen. All three Marvel programs released on Disney + so far.WandaVision, Falcon & Winter Solider, When Loki-at least Partially shot In and around the metro.

This is the place they shot. If you haven’t seen these shows, a fair warning: There is spoiler first.

Where was the Falcon and the Winter Soldier movie in Atlanta?Wandavision

Surprisingly few, except for some work on the sound stage Wandavision Shot in Georgia. Much of Westview was filmed at a California movie ranch, but arrived in our state in several places.

Riverdale Southern Community Medical Center
Hospital scene where the second captain returns after Blip

SWORD Headquarters Lobby
Georgia World Congress Center, Downtown
The headquarters of the secret spaceflight organization may all be external CGIs, but the internal lobby is located in downtown Atlanta.

SWORD Forward Operation Base
Bouckaert Farm, Fairburn
Located just outside Wanda’s hex, SWORD has set up tents and equipment here to monitor the situation in West View. Most of these scenes were shot in Fairburn, but some were shot in California as well.

Falcon and Winter Soldier

Falcon & Winter Solider, Not like Wandavision, Marked it in Atlanta. Most were shot in the Savannah and the Czech Republic, but there was no shortage of Metro ATL locations.

Where was the Falcon and the Winter Soldier movie in Atlanta?
These large windows belong to high

Photo courtesy of Marvel Studios

Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum
Midtown Museum of Art
When Sam gives the cap shield to the museum, he actually does so high.

Multi-storey car park
Mercedes Benz Stadium, Silver Deck, Downtown
As if Atlanta United sign in the background The parking lot where Bucky threatened Senator Atwood was just outside the stadium, and dead gifts weren’t enough for the Atlantans.

Where was the Falcon and the Winter Soldier movie in Atlanta?
This scene was shot at the Georgia State Capitol

Photo courtesy of Marvel Studios

Georgia State Capitol, Downtown
John Walker was revealed here as Captain America’s second (and much worse) iteration.

Louisiana Bank
201 Mill Street, Burnsville
Just a few blocks from Burnsville City Hall, this building is where Sam applies for a loan for his sister’s shrimp fishing and explains how the Avengers were paid exactly.

Baltimore and New York City
Fairy Poplar, Downtown
A small slice of downtown Either East Coast City What You Need It has replaced various shots around both New York City and Baltimore.

Isaia Bradley’s House
Hogue Street North East, Old Force Ward
Baltimore House, Forgotten Super Soldier in America

Air force base
Dovins Air Force Base, Marietta
Sam educates us about “Big Three” adversaries (androids, aliens, wizards) and gives us clues about the difference between sorcerers and wizards while Bucky acts self-righteously about reading. (Hint: it’s a hat) The hobbit When it was first released.

Flag-Smasher’s Warehouse
Pratt-Pullman Yard, Kirkwood
Sam and Bucky first encounter Flag-Smasher and its Super Soldier at this frequently used Atlanta filming location.

Custer’s Globe High School
Duluth High School, Duluth
John Walker was interviewed as the new Captain America and heads Peplarly at this fictional Georgia High School.

Munich safe house
119 South Hill Street, Griffin
Flag-Smasher will find shelter in this safehouse before being attacked in a future episode.

Sharon Carter Madripoor Pent House
Winbish House, Midtown
SHIELD’s heirs aren’t exactly blaming it for her luxury home at the top of the dubious nightlife of the neon-lit city of a fictional island nation.

Madripoor tunnel
Cabbagetown, Clog Street Tunnel
Another site that anyone who spends 30 seconds in Atlanta can easily recognize is Krog Street Tunnel, which captures the essence of Madripoor’s lower abdomen.

Where was the Falcon and the Winter Soldier movie in Atlanta?
The park scene is familiar to anyone working downtown.

Photo courtesy of Marvel Studios

New York City Park
Woodruff Park
Karli Morgenthau meets Batlock Reaper and mobilizes her Flag-Smasher later that night before the attack on the World Repatriation Council Summit.

Global Repatriation Council Summit
Peach Tree Center, Downtown
The GRC meeting will be attacked by Flag-Smasher in the final round. The exterior of the Peach Tree Center (and part of the lobby) is easily identifiable by the background.

Bucky, John Walker, Flag-Smasher Showdown
Atlantic station
Part of the final battle will take place just outside Atlantic Station, around the parking lot and the uncovered section of 17th Avenue.


Loki I spent most of my time in the studio away from prying eyes, but I was able to sport some places worth mentioning.

Stark tower lobby
Proscenium, Midtown
Well, technically this scene is Avengers: Endgame, But this Midtown skyscraper is back in place of the New York skyscraper Loki’s opening scene..

Time Variance Authority Elevator / Grand Lobby
Atlanta Marriott Marquis, Downtown
I’ve seen it millions of times in the background of the movie, but as long as the state tax credits continue to flow, I’ll see it another million times. The striking architectural wonders of this John Portman Hotel lobby perfectly capture the endless expanse of TVA headquarters outside of time and space.During Dragon Con 2021 Marriott Marquis employees also wore “TVA” T-shirts As a nod to the place.

1549 Aix-en-Provence Church
West View Monastery, West View
Mobius investigated the up-and-coming fluctuations in France in 1549 and asked a peasant girl about the variant Loki killing a TVA agent.

Where was the Atlanta Loki movie
Loki was filmed at the Georgia Renaissance Fairgrounds

Photo courtesy of Marvel Studios

1985 Oshkosh, Wisconsin Renaissance Fair
George Renaissance Fairgrounds, Fairburn
Loki’s first mission with Mobius is to take him to this Renaissance Fair. This Renaissance Fair is conveniently located where our own actual Renaissance Fair is held each year. What are the odds?

Where was the Falcon and the Winter Soldier movie in Atlanta?
The fictitious Roxxcart was actually the North DeKalb Mall.

Photo courtesy of Marvel Studios

2050 Roxxcart / Haven Hills, Alabama Apocalypse
North Decalve Mall, Decatur
Loki and Mobius first encounter Sylvie hiding in this very plausible future apocalyptic event.

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