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“Bristol: A good place to live,” declares a giant glowing sign that arches over State Street. In 1921, citizens of Bristol, Tennessee and Bristol, Virginia voted for a modest slogan. A century later, Bristol is also a good place to visit, thanks to boutique hotels, plenty of local shopping and an interactive museum celebrating the history of music.

State Street straddles two cities, and the state flag is always proud to declare which side it is on. But Bristol still feels cohesive. With its dazzling Art Deco theater, reclaimed historic buildings and kitsch 50’s atmosphere, it’s filled with a sense of community and awe for the past. Home to the major NASCAR Speedways and the birthplace of country music, Bristol embodies the charm of a small classic town while being a nationally recognized spot for shopping, sightseeing, drinking and dining. Claims that the number is increasing.

Rest your head
Bristol Hotel It opened in 2018 and received high praise. (last year, Travel + leisure Rooms are adorned with bold patterns and bright modern art, and the rooftop bar is known as Virginia’s most beautiful bar. Architectural digest— Enjoy spectacular mountain views.

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Taste test
Winner USA TodayThe best new craft distillery of 2020, Lost distillation We make whiskey, rum, vodka and gin from almost all locally sourced ingredients from start to finish. Taste some liquor and take a tour of family-owned operations housed in a 100-year-old former wheat mill and warehouse.

Music notes
visit Birthplace of the Country Music Museum To find out why Bristol is considered the epicenter of the country music “Big Bang”. Check out interactive exhibits such as a recording booth where visitors can rehearse country tunes and styles (including yodeling!) And record their own version.

Treasure hunt
Straddling 15,000 square feet in the heart of downtown, Grand antique Helps dig up vintage gems for hours. Explore the rare alcove, a collection of arrowheads, and an endless alcove full of old records.

Wm popover shuts.King Crocie

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Impressive dress
Bristol agency for 30 years, Hmm.King Crocie Carry preppy men’s apparel in all colors, patterns and styles (think polka dot ties and funky pocket squares). Check out the signature popover charts for haberdashery, which enhances the classic style with the addition of elbow patches and button-down cutaway colours.

Bristol’s institution, Burger bar Hank Williams Senior is known as the last place to be seen alive in 1952. Stop by the old-fashioned dining room with chocolate milkshakes and juicy burgers. Many are named after Williams’ hits. (Don’t miss the moon burger Howlin made from chili, grilled onions and cheese.)

Sugar rush
Donuts are a specialty at Blackbird BakeryHowever, there are also a variety of other sweets (cookies, pies, ice cream, etc.). The cozy living room atmosphere and coffee bar invite guests to stay for a while.

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