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Celebrities — They suck weeds like we do. And some are such fans of plants, and they are now legitimate marijuana market entrepreneurs.

“Cannabis has been used forever as an inspiration and creativity promoter for entertainment, art and music, and is widely known,” said Colombia, a partnership with celebrities such as the Pitbull and Mike. Jesse Shannon, Chief Growth Operator of Care, said. Tyson launches a brand focused on CBD and THC. “They are now more normalized, so they aren’t reluctant to share that passion with their fans. That’s why I think we’re seeing so many people coming into space.”

Here are seven celebrity brands you can find in Colorado’s Dispensery.

Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson wasn’t kidding when she sang, “Roll me up and suck me when I die.” Country music icon and Texas’s most beloved talker has launched his own marijuana brand. Willy’s Reserve Based in Denver, the company sells Western-themed flowers, pre-roll joints, and arc products. If you’re on a cannabidiol train, try Nelson’s other routes, Willie’s ReliefFeaturing coffee, tea and tincture infused with CBD.

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Al Harrington, a former Denver Nuggets player in the NBA Alum, launched his own cannabis brand Viola in 2011. The company operates cultivation and manufacturing facilities in Colorado. (Provided by Teron Beal)

Al Harrington

Al Harrington, an athlete and former Denver Nuggets player, entered the cannabis industry after seeing the benefits his grandmother with glaucoma experienced with the plant. His company, Viola, which sells concentrates, arc cartridges and pre-rolls, also focuses on social equality and creating opportunities for people of color to enter the industry.

Method man

Is there a better way to celebrate a local Utan concert than to launch Utan weeds?That’s how rapper and actor Method Man built a big hype for his original bud line. Release Under him in august TICAL Brand, an abbreviation for “take into account all life.” The three strains, Free MAC, Orange Cookie Kush and Sweet Grease, made their exclusive debut at a pharmacy owned by BIPOC in Denver in favor of social justice efforts.

Lil Wayne

Rapper Lil Wayne makes it easy for Colorado to feel a little sick on his line. GKUA Ultra Premium, Debuted here in January. It contains more than 15 flower lines and about 12 arc cartridges, with names such as Sour Weezy and The Lean, making it suitable for combination with up to 11 songs.

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Actors Dan Aykroyd and Jim Bersi celebrate the launch of the Blues Brothers pre-roll joint at Denver’s Green Solution in Colorado. (Provided by Green Solution)

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