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Portland, Oregon 2021-10-25 16:00:00 –

Portland, Oregon (KOIN) — Portland International Airport has undergone a $ 2 billion upgrade, with significant changes in appearance and functionality.

In a few years PDX will have a sleek, modern and built look For the next generation of air travel.

“It’s really designed to take us into the future,” said Vince Granato. PDX NEXT.. “We needed additional capacity, we needed more seismic resistance. The terminal needed more flexibility.”

When the new terminal is completed in 2025, Portland Port will be greeted by travelers in a park-like environment filled with living trees, ferns, glass exterior walls and light shining through overhead skylights.

The skylight is part of a new $ 100 million wooden beam roof currently under construction at the airfield just west of the terminal. The approximately 400,000-square-foot roof is made of northwestern material, giving the terminal an architectural “wow” element.

“We unzip it into 20 different sections, drive all 20 sections across the airfield and assemble them individually over a period of several months,” said Katrina Day of Hoffmanscanska.

The combined project employs more than 600 workers. This includes technology upgrades such as security upgrades, support for future health checkup procedures, and improved Wi-Fi.

New and larger markets are being built at PDX to accommodate the restaurants and shops that visitors love. Those retailers are gone now, but they’re back.

Airlines are paying the majority of their $ 2 billion invoices to improve the airports that travelers consistently have the highest ratings in the United States.

Prior to the pandemic, PDX had an average of nearly 20 million passengers each year. That number has now dropped to about 15,000,000. However, Portland Port is expected to have more than 35 million passengers by 2045. Terminal upgrades and expansions take PDX to the next level, taking into account that increase.

The port said the airport would continue to operate normally despite the construction.

please do not worry. The iconic airport carpet has been incorporated into the new design so you can take a selfie with your feet.

Where We Live: PDX’s $2B upgrade ‘to take us into the future’ Source link Where We Live: PDX’s $2B upgrade ‘to take us into the future’

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