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Portland, Oregon 2021-09-20 16:00:00 –

A Portland-based cartoon company has given Nike’s founder’s life story a cartoon treat

Cover of Tidal Wave’s new Phil Knight comic. (Provided by TidalWave Productions)

KOIN, Oregon — A prolific Portland comics company has just released a biography of Nike’s founder Phil Knight.

Darren Davis, Founder and Publisher TidalWave Productions, Fascinated by celebrities. His company specializes in biography of rich and celebrities.

“Anyone who came out of Bad Bunny, from Dolly Parton to this new one,” he said.

Knight meets the bill by creating a global athletic shoe empire.

“I always thought it was fascinating, and I thought he was fascinating,” Davis said.

Davis has worked for DC Comics, Entertainment Television, and Lionsgate. He lived in New York and Los Angeles, but settled in Portland nearly 20 years ago, shortly after releasing his first successful comic, The 10th Muse.

Davis said Oregon’s passion for comics and the presence of comic book powerhouses like Dark Horse and Images are the perfect fit for Portland.

“Especially in Portland, it’s an artistic world. Art is everything,” he said.

Davis has signed a poster on the cover of his cartoon from Hillary Clinton, Sarah Palin, Ellen DeGeneres, Gloria Steinem and others. However, the family of late Latin superstar singer Serena filed a failed cease and desist order, despite a law allowing unauthorized biographies.

The story of Knight is the so-called “Tidal Wave”Orbit“Series.

“It almost always happens [Knight] How did he go to the University of Oregon and start Nike? “Davis said. “I started in college when he was running and just tried on really bad shoes. I needed this, but he never gave up.”

As for the future of TidalWave, Davis said, “Look forward to it.”

“We’re trying to do something different and it’s getting a lot of attention,” he said.

Davis said he has published more than 1,500 comic books over the years and wants to get into movies and television. TidalWave cartoons can be purchased on it Website Or on Amazon.

Where We Live: TidalWave releases Phil Knight comic book Source link Where We Live: TidalWave releases Phil Knight comic book

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