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Where will LSU coach Brian Kelly and his family live? Local Realtor offers us some ideas | Entertainment/Life – New Orleans, Louisiana

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Where can a football coach who earns about $ 10 million a year in Baton Rouge live? Wherever he wants.

Quita Cutrer doesn’t know where Brian Kelly and his family will settle, but as two of the last three LSU head football coaches and many realtors of their assistants, they have some ideas. I’m waiting. It’s expensive and convenient for the campus, and may not be a place where you can knock on the front door and introduce yourself.

The experience of the man Kelly replaced emphasizes the last point.

“I know (Ed) Orgeron recently put some” for sale “signs in his front yard as a joke,” she said. “I think that’s why you’re gated.”

Burns and Company agent Cutler is responsible for buying and selling homes by Nick Saban, who coached LSU from 2000 to 2004, and Les Miles, who was head coach until his dismissal after the fourth game from 2005 to 2016. Did. LSU has entered a financial era that is very different from what its predecessor experienced.

Saban was the first $ 1 million coach in college football history, at $ 1.225 million. And Miles quadrupled it with his last deal ($ 4.3 million). Saban’s predecessor, Gerry DiNardo, $ 350,000 was paid annually. Kelly’s contract includes a $ 1.2 million interest-free loan to the home.

Since my salary has changed, I also arranged a house. Bill Arnsparger, who coached from 1984 to 1986, lived in Riverbend. Mike Archer, who was promoted from Defense Coordinator when Arnsparger left, lived in Kenilworth.

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Savan initially bought a $ 1 million home at Woodgate Estate and stayed there for only a year before buying a $ 1.7 million home on Highland Road, Cutler said.Miles bought a $ 1 million home at Vocabulary Lake When he was fired, he was planning to build another parcel in the same parcel. He bought another home in Willow Grove and sold it in 2018 when he was appointed head coach of Kansas.

One thing that all coaches, including assistants, have in common is the desire to get to work quickly. This severely limits things in Baton Rouge traffic. When Miles considered buying at Bocage Lake, Cutler said she had shown her the best way to defeat the traffic from there.

Miles and Savan also lived in a property with a gate. Orgelon, which is based in college clubs, is not. Saban also had a back door that allowed us to go in and out of the Barbourk Drive unnoticed.

“Security is for your family,” Cutler said. “Most of the time, they don’t want the type of situation that attracts attention. They want a nice home, but they’re more modest. That’s a thing of the past. Brian Kelly doesn’t know, One of the coaches here knew him personally and said they were really nice, realistic and ordinary types of people. They are not flashy and flashy types of people. “

Assistant coaches, who depend on the success of the team, whether their work life works well with the head coach, and their own aspirations, have a number of considerations.

“Assistant coach, I had them come here and come to where they were still renting their last two homes in the last two places they were,” she said. “One of them, when he told me about his situation, I said,’I just borrow something.’ It was at this time that Nick Saban was here. I thought to myself, “If you don’t help anything, you won’t go anyway. You don’t have to buy a house. You have to rent.” You never know .. “

Where will LSU coach Brian Kelly and his family live? Local Realtor offers us some ideas | Entertainment/Life Source link Where will LSU coach Brian Kelly and his family live? Local Realtor offers us some ideas | Entertainment/Life

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