Where you (and Heidi Ganahl) stand on 2020 election results is a litmus test – Denver, Colorado

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Heidi Ganard knew that the question would certainly come: Do you justify the 2020 election results?

Perhaps above any other question, the answer indicates whether candidates have confidence in the basic functions of democracy that they are trying to guide. So it’s no wonder that Ganard, Colorado’s largest Republican name in the 2022 governor’s election, was asked at least three times on the first Tuesday of the campaign.

She didn’t have an answer.. When first asked by Colorado Sun, she generally talked about how important it is for people to “believe that their vote is important.” The second time, he told The Denver Post, “I can’t enter now.” Third time, She criticized 9News For raising such a “divided” question.

The question is the Lithomas exam: does she run as a moderate Republican rather than happily saying that she might confuse the base, or does she run with the base and run the risk of alienating the moderates?

Recent history has shown that trying to ensure that both paths do not work is not easy. Cory Gardner tried it when he matched himself with Donald Trump, but posted an ad about being bipartisan and independent. The reporter asked him many questions, but he rarely talked to the local media and did not leave many answers.

The Republican division that Ganard must navigate will be on display this weekend as parties vote for a far-right-led proposal. To close that main process Off to all die hard except thousands. Doing so means excluding millions of Republican and independent voters from the GOP primary.

A reporter on Tuesday asked Ganard which side she was taking there — another Lithomas exam question.

What was her reaction? “I’m not going into it.”

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Top line

Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser speaks ...

Rebecca Threzak, The Denver Post

Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser said at a press conference on Wednesday, September 15, 2021 about a year-long investigation of the Aurora Police that police officers’ racially biased police patterns and excessive use of force were the state law and I have discovered that I routinely violate federal law. (Rebecca Threzak, Denver Post)

Aurora police stations need to make changes after a state investigation that found racially biased police. Click here for details..

Parliamentary Diary • by Saja Hindi

Abortion rights battle

Colorado Attorney General Phi Weiser announced this week that it has signed a US Department of Justice proceeding. Challenge Texas 6-Week Abortion Ban..

“I promise to uphold women’s reproductive rights and equality. A new law in Texas has been around for many years by denying women the constitutionally protected right to make their own health care decisions. It violates the US Supreme Court’s case, “Weiser said in a statement.

Texas Senate Bill 8, which came into force earlier this month, bans almost all abortions in the state, giving civilians the ability to sue those who have had an abortion, or helping someone to have an abortion. Allows abortion to be enforced (including counseling and donations) in a clinic.

Colorado Abortion Group Preparing for an increase In patients, and advocacy group Cobalt, the week after the Texas ban, half of the clients nonprofits supported through the abortion fund came from Texas. A brief quote from the Attorney General cited the impact on healthcare providers across the country, including Colorado.

But Texas law isn’t the only challenge in recent years. Roe v. Wade..Mississippi authorities Asked the US Supreme Court To maintain state law prohibiting abortion after 15 weeks.

Advocates of the right to give birth say that such incidents will continue to occur unless Congress takes action.Cobalt etc. “Women’s Health Protection Act,This applies access to abortion to federal law. Democrats in Parliament have signed the bill as co-sponsors.

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Federal Politics • by Justin Wingerter

House TV via AP

Republican Rep. Doug Ramborn will speak on Wednesday, December 18, 2019, at the Capitol Building in Washington, DC, discussing an impeachment article against President Donald Trump. (House TV via AP)

Judge’s rules in favor of Ramborn

Federal judge in support of U.S. Congressman Doug Ramborn in Colorado court Proceedings against him By former staff Brandon Pope.

Ramborn, R-Colorado Springs, wanted it here, not in the US District Court for the District of Columbia. Obama’s appointed judge, Judge James Bosburg, ruled on Wednesday that Colorado “has a strong connection to this controversy.”

“In short, the case concerns a Colorado resident employment dispute with a Colorado-based employer who is also a representative of the Colorado people,” Boasberg wrote.

pope Sued Ramborn in MayClaiming that he was fired Please speak About Rambourne’s disregard for the COVID-19 safety protocol and the Rambourne family’s personal use of government resources. Ramborn mainly denied the accusation. As of Thursday afternoon, no hearing was scheduled.

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Mayor vaccine

Where you (and Heidi Ganahl) stand on 2020 election results is a litmus test Source link Where you (and Heidi Ganahl) stand on 2020 election results is a litmus test

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