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Whistleblower discusses DHS official altering Russia intel report – Colorado Springs, Colorado

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In 2020, intelligence official Brian Murphy filed a whistleblower complaint with the Department of Homeland Security. He accused senior officials of curbing intelligence on Russia and pressured him to focus on China and Iran instead.

This week, DHS’s top watchdog tested his claim.

NEWSY’S SASHA INGBER: Do you feel that this new report from the Inspector General has proved it?

Brian Murphy: Oh, absolutely. thanks for your questions. I feel proven. They sought to curb intelligence, and they got a first-hand look at how Russians carry out their disinformation campaigns.

According to a report from the DHS Inspector General, staff changed information products about Russia’s interference in the 2020 presidential election. It addressed Russia’s efforts to arouse health concerns of then-candidate Biden, diluting the analysis by adding information about China, Iran, and President Trump. According to the report, then-DHS Secretary Chadwolf improperly participated in the review process, delaying approval and dissemination.

INGBER: What’s happening to your head when this happens?

Murphy: Often it got hot when he tried to get me to do something unethical. And I refused. Therefore, I knew that the rough seas would continue. But in the end, it was second only to doing the right thing.

The Government Accountability Office later discovered that Deputy Secretary Wolf was appointed illegally. Murphy eventually withdrew his complaint, saying that the DHS had settled with him. But he told Newsy that there was more to the Inspector General’s office to investigate.

“There are many players in an unethical government who have been guilty of terrible contempt for law and policy,” Murphy said. “They haven’t been evaluated. I hope the Inspector General will do the right thing and continue to evaluate what’s happening.”

For one thing, Trump administration officials have withheld information about white supremacists who have hampered the country’s ability to track threats before the January 6 riots.

Today, he and disinformation experts say Russia is trying to undermine US support for Ukraine, where Russian war crimes are unfolding almost every day, and to stir up American extremism.

INGBER: How concerned are you about Russia’s efforts to influence the upcoming and 2024 presidential elections?

Murphy: The real job the Russians do is, between elections, they choose the most splitting issues in our country, amplify American dissatisfaction, and make us fight each other. And that’s the victory they’re looking for in the long run.

Murphy says that in the end, political parties won’t win, only Russia itself.

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Whistleblower discusses DHS official altering Russia intel report Source link Whistleblower discusses DHS official altering Russia intel report

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