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Riverside, California 2021-07-27 22:05:15 –

The Department of Veterans Affairs on Monday became the first federal agency to demand vaccinations from its health workers.

Washington — The White House is strongly considering requiring federal employees to prove that they have been vaccinated. coronavirus Alternatively, submit to a regular test and wear a mask. This could be a major policy change, reflecting growing concerns about the prevalence of the more infectious delta variants.

The possibility of mandatory vaccines for federal employees is one of the options the Biden administration is considering, regardless of the prevalence in the region, according to people familiar with the plans discussed on condition of anonymity. .. published. The White House will announce its final decision this week after completing a policy review.

By 2020, there were more than 4.2 million federal workers nationwide, including the military, according to an analysis by the Federal Office of Management and Budget.

President Joe Biden suggested on Tuesday that expanding his mission to the entire federal workforce was “under consideration,” but did not provide further details. The Department of Veterans Affairs on Monday became the first federal agency to request vaccinations for its health care workers.

The White House is working on a surge in coronavirus cases and hospitalizations caused by the spread of delta variants and breakthrough infections among vaccinated Americans, so it is broader under consideration. Requirements are the most important change by the Byden administration this week.

On Tuesday, the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention overturned masking guidelines, stating that all Americans living in areas with fairly high or high coronavirus infections should wear masks indoors, regardless of vaccination status. Said.

And just like that, the mask is back in the White House.

By Tuesday afternoon, when the latest CDC data revealed that Washington DC was facing a significant infection rate, White House staff were asked to start wearing masks indoors from Wednesday. rice field. The press was asked to follow, and the remaining staff and reporters at the White House were already masked.

Vice President Kamala Harris handed out a mask to reporters reporting her event earlier in the day and asked them to wear it before entering into a meeting with Native American leaders on voting rights. ..

Biden dismissed concerns that the new masking guidance from the CDC could cause confusion among Americans, saying that remaining unvaccinated “scatters a great deal of confusion.”

“The more we learn, the more we learn about this virus and delta changes, and we need to worry and worry. And we certainly know only one thing. Others If 100 million people were vaccinated, we would be in a completely different world, “he told reporters after talking to an employee of the intelligence community in the Director of National Intelligence on Tuesday. ..

But whiplash on masking and vaccination — just the day before White House spokesman Jen Psaki avoided asking why the government didn’t ask federal workers for vaccines — uncertainties surrounding the coronavirus. It reflects the sex.

Various states and local governments, private companies, hospital managers and universities across the country have returned to their indoor mask obligations in recent months and have enacted vaccination requirements, but only 60% of American adults are fully vaccinated. Being vaccinated, the latest waves of coronavirus will have a particularly big impact on these low-vaccinated communities. There are an average of more than 57,000 cases and 24,000 COVID-19 hospitalizations per day nationwide.

However, the Biden administration has so far avoided accepting vaccination obligations for its employees. This is partly because authorities are wary of cracking down on vaccine obligations and further politicizing problems that are already in question.

Saki acknowledged on Tuesday that government officials were aware of the risk that Biden’s support for the vaccine obligation could increase opposition to the vaccine among his critics.

“The president certainly recognizes that the benefits of vaccination are not always the right voice for all communities, so invest as much as possible in the local voice and local. It empowers a reliable voice, “she said.

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