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Washington (AP) — The White House has fallen Executive order of the Trump era trying to ban popular apps TikTok and WeChat Authorities said Wednesday that they would conduct their own review aimed at identifying national security risks in software applications related to China.

Ah New executive order We are instructing the Commerce Department to perform a “evidence-based” analysis of transactions involving apps manufactured, supplied or controlled by China. Authorities are particularly concerned about apps that collect user persona data and that are related to China’s military and intelligence activities.

According to government officials, the ministry will also make recommendations on how to further protect the genetic and personal health information of Americans and address the risks of certain software apps related to China and other hostile countries.

The Biden administration’s move reflects ongoing concern that popular apps related to China, the United States’ major economic and political rival, could leak personal data of Americans. Both the White House and Congress are taking action to address Beijing’s technological advances. On Tuesday, the Senate passed a bill aimed at facilitating US semiconductor production and the development of artificial intelligence and other technologies in the face of intensifying international competition.

Earlier this year, the government withdrew President Donald Trump’s attempt to ban the popular video app TikTok, and the government began a broader review of national security threats posed by Chinese tech companies. Asked the court to postpone the legal dispute.

According to court filings, does the Commerce Department justify Mr. Trump’s allegations of TikTok’s threat to national security in an attempt to ban TikTok from the smartphone app store and deny important technical services? He said he was considering whether to update the review later this week in court.

In addition, a US takeover of TikTok has been proposed. Last year, the Trump administration mediated a deal by US companies Oracle and Wal-Mart to acquire a large stake in a Chinese-owned app for national security reasons.

This unusual arrangement stems from President Trump’s executive order aimed at banning TikTok in the United States unless it accepts greater control over the United States.

Mr. Trump issued a series of orders targeting TikTok in the summer of 2020, expressing concern about the US data that TikTok collects from users. The court temporarily blocked the White House ban, and the presidential election soon cast a shadow over the TikTok battle.

TikTok is calling on the District Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia to review President Trump’s sale order and the government’s national security review.


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White House drops Trump orders trying to ban TikTok, WeChat | News Source link White House drops Trump orders trying to ban TikTok, WeChat | News

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