White House outlines Mr. Biden’s first overseas visit as president – Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky

Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky 2021-06-03 11:51:03 –

President Joe Biden will meet with Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom on her first overseas trip later this month.

The White House states that the president and first lady Jill Biden will meet the Queen at Windsor Castle on June 13.

The conference is part of Mr. Biden’s trip to the United Kingdom, Belgium and Switzerland.

Biden also met with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on June 10 to “confirm the lasting strength of the special relationship between the United States and the United Kingdom,” spokesman Jen Psaki said Thursday. Said in.

In addition, Biden will attend the G7 Summit in Cornwall from June 11th to 13th. At the summit, we will hold bilateral talks with other G7 leaders.

Mr. Saki said the president strengthened the country’s commitment to multilateralism, promoted major U.S. policy priorities on public health, economic recovery, and climate change, and was shared with solidarity among major democracies. He said he would demonstrate value.

Biden then traveled to Brussels, Belgium, where Saki said he would attend the NATO summit on June 14 to confirm US commitment to organization, cross-Atlantic security, and collective defense. Leaders are expected to discuss ways to address the alliance to future threats and ensure effective burden sharing. Mr. Biden also met with Turkish President Legep Taiip Erdogan. We will discuss bilateral and regional issues.

While in Brussels, Biden will also attend the US and EU summits on June 15. Saki, leaders will ensure the safety of global health, stimulate global economic recovery and climate. He says he will address fluctuations, discuss common agendas for strengthening digital and trade cooperation, strengthening democracy, and address mutual foreign policy concerns.

Biden will also meet with King Philip of Belgium and Prime Minister Alexander de Crew of Belgium.

Biden will then move to Geneva, Switzerland, to hold a bilateral summit meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin on June 16. During his stay in Geneva, Mr. Biden will also meet with Swiss President Guy Palmerin and Foreign Minister Cassis.

“This visit is America’s commitment to restore alliances, revitalize cross-Atlantic relations, work closely with allies and multilateral partners to tackle global challenges and ensure America’s interests. It’s an emphasis, “Saki said in a statement.

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