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Queue fireworks

President Joe Biden is new this year on Independence Day by encouraging a national celebration to show that the country has effectively returned to normal after 16 months of coronavirus pandemic turmoil. I want to infuse meaning.

The White House has expressed growing confidence that July 4th will serve as a milestone in the country’s recovery.The United States is not expected to reach that altogether, Goal to vaccinate 70% of adults By the holidays.

Biden resumed pre-pandemic life for Americans as COVID-19 case rates and mortality fell to levels not seen since the first day of outbreak, travel recovered, and schools and businesses resumed. We are proclaiming a “summer of freedom” to celebrate that.

This holiday will host President Biden’s biggest event to date. He will invite first responders, essential workers, military personnel and their families to cook out in South Lawn and watch fireworks at the National Mall. With well over 1,000 guests expected, officials say the final deal has not yet been finalized.

The plan shows a dramatic change in thinking, as people have been cautious about being able to hold the fourth small dish since Biden just three months ago.

“By July 4, you, your family and friends are more likely to get together in your backyard or neighborhood to cook out or barbecue and celebrate Independence Day,” Biden said. I said when I marked one-the first anniversary of the pandemic on March 11th. “It doesn’t mean a large event with lots of people, it means that small groups can get together.”

For months, Dr. John Torres was hesitant to talk about the “light at the end of the tunnel” or the end of the pandemic. He believes the country has not yet left the forest. However, Thursday’s announcement from the CDC, which covered many masking recommendations, gave him a different mindset for the first time in a while.

For most Americans, that resumption goal was achieved by the Memorial Day weekend last month. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has relaxed mask-wearing guidance for fully vaccinated people Concomitant relaxation of state and local virus restrictions.

Authorities now say that July 4th will serve as an informal kick-off to a new phase of the US pandemic response. The federal government is turning pages of the national public health crisis and focusing on marshalling domestic economic and civil recovery and support for vaccinations around the world.

According to two White House officials who spoke anonymously to outline the government’s ideas, the White House commemorated similar independence across the country after seeing a major cancellation of the festival on July 4, last year. Hope to see the activity of the day.

The White House emailed state and local authorities on Tuesday, “Respecting our freedom, paying homage to those who have served at the forefront, and celebrating our progress in the fight against this pandemic yourself. We welcome you to join us by hosting our event. ” It asked them to share their plans.

According to the White House, the National Mall will host a traditional fireworks ritual in Washington.

“The United States is heading for a summer that is dramatically different from last year,” the administration told officials. “Summer of freedom. Summer of joy. Summer of reunion and celebration.”

The bright announcement contrasts with the more dangerous reality of Europe, where Biden is on an eight-day three-country tour. Not to mention many of the rest of the world where vaccines are scarce.

In the UK, one of the few countries with vaccination rates similar to the US, instead of completing the mission, the government will resume at least another month on Monday to try to vaccinate more people. Announced plans to delay. However, unlike the United States, the number of cases there is increasing, with all adults not yet vaccinated and having no children.

While in Europe, Biden and the Group of Seven allies announced plans to provide one billion bullets to poor countries, half of which came from the United States, but aid groups around the world. He said a much greater commitment is needed to defeat the virus.

Still, the US vaccination campaign isn’t over as prices go down. Currently, the average daily initial dose is less than 370,000, from a high of about 2 million per day two months ago.

White House officials continue to remind Americans that vaccination still has deep geographical disparities and that the government is at risk of serious illness and viral death if not vaccinated. I admitted.

All American adults are eligible for injections for two months, and the administration has launched an aggressive “month of action” to boost dose demand, but it rarely changes the trend line. did. Vaccination.

Officials say that even if the benchmark is not met, the effects of the July 4 vaccination target of 70% of Americans reducing COVID-19 cases are already felt. According to CDC data, approximately 166.5 million adults receive at least one COVID-19 vaccine. To reach his goal, Biden needs to get another about 14 million vaccinations within three weeks.

“We have no intention of closing the store, despite the Independence Day of July 4,” White House spokesman Jen Psaki said last week. “On July 5, we will continue to encourage more people across the country to be vaccinated.”

The Democratic president will use his remarks on July 4 to emphasize the government’s “wartime response” and launch a vaccination campaign of about 90% of what it was before taking office on January 20. is.

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