Whitney Port is “proud” of her body after suffering a miscarriage

Proud of her thirst trap!middle Whitney port‘NS The struggle to give birth, She is proud Her postpartum body Take pride.

“If I’m a mom, is it a thirst trap?” NS Hills: A new beginning Star, 36, Friday, November 26th caption, Bikini selfie by Instagram Story. “As women, we should always be proud of our bodies. Think about what we experience.”

Whitney port Courtesy of Whitney Port / Instagram

She added to her post: [compliment] Your body today. PS Being loyal to myself, I drank this coffee for 5 hours until the ice cooled. “

Worn by fashion designers Leopard print swimsuit Black sunglasses posing for the camera of the smartphone.

Former founder of COZeCO Miscarriage Earlier this month Being frank about her sadness process..

“”[The doctor] I said it was over “Port Explained in YouTube video on November 17th With her husband, Tim Rosenmann.. “When I had an ultrasound with no embryos inside and the yolk sac appearing thin, it was probably a sign that I wasn’t healthy from the beginning.”

From California — Share a 4-year-old son Sony With her spouse — added at the time, “I thought it would continue to grow. Maybe I was naive. Everything looked good so I didn’t expect it to be the other way around. . “

rear Announce pregnancy news November 4, Hills Alum frankly elaborated on her emotional healing process earlier this week.

“I’m … doing my best to be positive, especially for Sonny, not for me,” she explained. Episode on Tuesday, November 23 Of her “With Whit” podcast. “I don’t want him to look like a mess. He saw me crying much more than I wanted to cry.”

At that time, the port continued. “He’s okay. To see themBut it is important for him to know that nothing he has done and that things happen from time to time. Just as he receives boo boo and cries, it happens to mom. I say it in his words. “

Whitney Port is the

Whitney port Courtesy of Whitney Port / Instagram

Following an episode of her emotional podcast, the personality of reality TV became open about how she was dealing with it. Instagram..

“Emotions Hit me hard“Port explained in a social media post on Thursday, November 25th. Your expectations just show up and be yourself. enough. “

A few days later, Port spewed out about her supportive family and friends who were always by her side. Through the challenges and struggles of life..

“Thanks to my family for being with me, from thick to thin,” she captioned the Instagram story on Saturday, November 27th. Thanksgiving tablescape..

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Whitney Port is “proud” of her body after suffering a miscarriage

Source link Whitney Port is “proud” of her body after suffering a miscarriage

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