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Angie Yarks, who participated in the 10th season of “Survival”, was tragically defeated in the fight against cancer on January 8. She was first diagnosed in 2017.

Survivor: Palau Star Angie Yaks At the age of only 40, he died sadly after the fight against cancer. The tragic news was confirmed by an obituary published by her family via Louisiana news site Nola.com, stating that she died on Friday, January 8, 2021. .. “She did it lovingly with laser precision, including sewing, painting, drawing, nail art and makeup, costumes, reading, snorkeling, scuba diving, travel, hell breeding, etc.” I also added. Learn more about reality stars who are too close.

1. She competed Survivor.. Angie was only 25 years old when she appeared on a fierce reality show in 2005 and was the target of multiple tattoos (11 at the time). She became a somewhat challenging superstar, but Angie was voted in 13th place. Survivor fan site.

“Survival” star Angie Yaks is shown in her season’s photo. (CBS)

2. She was married. Angie married her husband Stephen Carandra Nine years at the time of her death. “Angie is an amazing, creative, fearless, bad-ass woman everywhere,” Stephen wrote on the GoFundMe page after being diagnosed with cancer.

3. She grew up in Wisconsin. Angie was born Cassandra Ann Jacques From March 27, 1980 Linda And Wayne Jacques.. She has a brother, John Jacques.. She settled in New Orleans as an adult, but Angie was born and raised in Jacques, Walkisha, Wisconsin. After graduating from Mukuwanago High School, she lived in both New York City and San Francisco, according to iMDB’s profile.

4. She fought cancer. Angie was diagnosed with a rare form of squamous cell colorectal cancer in November 2017. With over $ 30,000 in medical costs, she and her husband, Stephen, sought to help raise money through the GoFundMe campaign. “With a combination of chemotherapy and radiation, this form of cancer has an 80% success rate among patients,” Steven wrote in 2017.

“It took me three months to diagnose Angie’s illness. During that time she wasn’t insured. With all the tests, scans, holidays and medications, her medical bill quickly piled up. We plan to raise $ 30,000 to cover these costs. All the money raised will go directly to the invoices Angie paid during the diagnosis, “he explained.

former Survivor Cast member Coby Archer Contestants of delight from her season also helped. “We heard from her family three years ago that she was fighting cancer,” Coby said. Man.. “We raised some money for her treatment. She wasn’t interested in fame, only the experience of a survivor. She came, played, and returned to life in New Orleans. She loved her life that way. ”Angie is the second contestant in the season to die of cancer. Jennifer Lion In 2010, he lost the fight against breast cancer at the age of only 37.

5. She was a restaurant manager. Prior to her diagnosis, Angie was the manager of the French Quarter’s New Orleans restaurant, St. Lawrence. The former bartender also previously worked as a technician in tattoo shops and ink labs. “She is a painter, designer, tailor and bakery,” her husband wrote on the 2017 GoFundMe page. “She makes you a custom corset, costume, or cake! Angie was also a founding member of the New Orleans Neussians Alliance!” Steven wrote.

Who is Angie Yaks?5 Things About Dead “Survival” Stars – Hollywood Life

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