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Big Freedia is a New Orleans bounce artist with amazingly enhanced guest vocals. Beyonce’s new single, “Break my soul.” Bay dropped the single on June 20th via social media hours earlier than expected.She is the first track on her new album RenaissanceScheduled to be released on July 29th. Listen to the song here.

Here are five things you need to know about Beyonce’s latest (and arguably her most catchy) song-shaking incredibly talented vocalist.

She popularized a unique genre

Big freedia
Big Freedia (Rob Latour / Shutterstock)

Big Freedia is widely known for helping to popularize the New Orleans hip-hop genre called bounce music. The current popular genre, formerly underground, has always had enthusiastic fans. According to her official website, she is now badly known as the “Queen of Bounces”.

The music scene, born in New Orleans in 1978, has always been in her bones. According to Wikipedia, she often falls into the “weak bounce” subgenre. But she says: “We don’t divide it into straight bounces and sissy bounces. It’s all bounce music,” she said in the book. Flood Line: Community and Resistance from Katrina to Jena Six By Jordan Frati.

She played at clubs and other venues in New Orleans while jumping to the top of the music industry.

She runs an interior design business

Freedia is not defined as an artist in some areas. She also runs an interior design business.Her high-end client is included Ray Nagin, Former Governor of New Orleans. Given her unique style sense, her additional career in design makes a lot of sense to her.

Big Freedia identifies as a gay guy

Big Freedia uses her / her pronoun while she identifies her as gay.In an interview with Outside, She explained:I always have a fan who says “she”, “she says. Told the magazine 2013. “I’m sure who I am and I know what I represent. When they say either / or, I’m not affected by either / or Because, as I said, I know who I am. […] Many cannot accept the fact that they call a man “she.” I fully understand it. I was born as a man, so I’m not uncomfortable. My preferred pronoun is her, but that’s not a big deal for me. “

She has appeared on many TV shows

Magnetic wrappers have made major appearances on television for many years.In addition to the guest spots above Last call with Carson Daly When Jimmy Kimmel Live! She is also appearing Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood, ridiculousness, When real.

She has also appeared recently Atlanta real housewife, RuPaul’s Drag Race All StarsWhen nailed it! Finally, she plays herself in the episode P Valley..

She collaborates with other prominent artists

Big Freedia’s Beyonce collaboration may be the high point of an extraordinarily achieved career. But that’s far from her first major collaboration.She was also introduced in Kesha“Raising Hell” Drake“Nice For What” (no credit), and Rebecca Black2021 “Friday” remix.She is also working with LizzoWho appeared in her album 3rd Ward Bounce..

Who is Big Freedia?Learn about singers – Hollywood Life

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