Who is Jessica Rae Springsine?Facts about Bruce’s Daughter-Hollywood Life

The boss’s daughter will make her Olympic debut at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. Here are five facts about horseback riding Jessica Rae Springsteen for many years.

Jessica Springsteen, Musician’s daughter Blues (Yes, like a “boss”) and Patti Scialfa, Heading for the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. The 29-year-old equestrian made his Olympic debut by securing the position of the jump team of Team USA prior to the match on July 23. A team of four members also includes two gold medalists McLean Ward, Silver medalist Kent Farrington, And gold medalist Laura Crot..

Equestrian has appeared in today I told my host on Monday, July 19th Hoda Kotb That girlfriend Famous parents were overjoyed About her forming a team. “They were very excited,” Jessica said. “They have supported me since I was little. This has been my big dream since I was able to remember and sports have become very passionate for them too. I They were very happy because we feel like we are on this journey together. “

Bruce Springsteen, daughter Jessica, and wife Patty Siafa. (Shutterstock)

Find out more about the upcoming Olympic athletes with the following five facts.

Jessica has been riding competitively since the age of five

Per girlfriend United States Equestrian Federation Profile, Jessica is a lifelong horseback riding that began her competitive horseback riding journey at the age of five. CNN In 2019 Horseback riding was always part Of her life. “We did a really well-founded upbringing, and it was good that I was always riding to have something focused for myself,” she said. “I think it really helped me grow and be myself today, and it taught me to work hard and focus on something.”

Jessica was a replacement player for the 2012 London Olympics

The 2021 Tokyo Olympics may be her spectacular game debut, but it’s certainly not the first time at her event. Jessica represented the 2012 London Olympics, but eventually failed to compete in the 2016 Rio Olympics. “The great thing about this sport is that your career is very long,” she said. CNN. “I think timing is everything. I hope it’s the right time for me.”

Jessica has won various championships under her belt

Horrible Equestrian — Currently ranked American rider 3rd List — We have already won various championships, including the 2008 ASPCA Maclay Finals and the 2009 WEF Excellence in Equitation Championship. Jessica has also won first place according to the Equestrian Federation’s career, including the 2019 CSI4 * Sweden H & M Grand Prix and the Prestige Speed ​​Award at Jumping Verona.

Jessica is dating a fellow equestrian

Jessica’s love for horseback riding also pervades her romantic life: athletes are dating Lorenzo de Luca, Italian riders and jumpers. The two have reportedly been a couple since 2018. At the equestrian competition in Miami in April 2019, Jessica and Lorenzo PDA photo packing At VIP, he stands right next to Bruce and Patty.

Jessica’s famous dad may have revealed her debut

The boss may have very well represented his daughter’s team USA debut. last month, Bruce returns to Broadway After the first COVID-19 shutdown for limited summer runs Broadway Springsteen At the St. James Theater in New York. The show runs between June and September, and there is a noticeable gap between the July 17th and August 17th shows. Did he clear the schedule for a potential flight to Tokyo?

Who is Jessica Rae Springsine?Facts about Bruce’s Daughter-Hollywood Life

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