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Academy Award-winning Viola Davis has been married to Julius Tennon for 18 years. Here’s everything you need to know about the actress’s husband.

Viola Davis When Julius TennonMarriage has a spiritual inside story — frankly, it could be a romance movie conspiracy. The 55-year-old, who won an Academy Award, has been married to the actor’s husband, 67, for 18 years.The couple adopted their daughter Book of Genesis, 11, 2011, completed a family of three. Viola and Julius have since become one of Hollywood’s most formidable A-list couples, supporting each other on and off the red carpet.

Julius’ entry into the viola’s life was driven by the fate of the universe. As the story goes on The actress found a partner in her life By prayer. “I was the loneliest woman in the world, and someone said,’You should just pray for your husband,'” she said. Page 6 2013. “I said I wanted a big black man in the South who looked like a soccer player, had children already, and probably had been married before.” Three and a half weeks later, Viola said, “Meet my husband. I did. “

Input: Julius, the guy who literally checked every box. Former college football player. Texas native. I got married before. Adult child. Below are all you need to know about the answers to Viola’s prayers.

Viola Davis and Julius Tennon

Julius Tennon and daughter Genesis, wife Viola Davis (Rob Latour / Shutterstock)

Viola married Julius in June 2003. The two share their daughter Genesis together. Oprah Daily Julius reported that he was previously married and shared the two Children Sea Bonda, 44, and Duriel, 41, With his previous partner. Julius is an actor and producer who has appeared in the following films: I’m confused When Batman vs Superman Justice Birthe. He also has a remarkable television career and Friday Night Light, Moesha, Criminal Minds, And even his wife How to Get Away with Murder.. His pre-Hollywood life is just as impressive. University of Tulsa, Julius became the first African-American to graduate from college drama.

How did Viola and Julius meet?

Not surprisingly, Viola and Julius met on a CBS series set in Hollywood. City of angels In 1999.The actress said Instyle Last November She was immediately attracted To Julius. “It was like’he’s so cute'” during a joint interview with the OWN series Black love In 2017, Julius remembered the day he asked Viola. “I just heard her talking to a girl in front of her.” I don’t like LA. Nobody knows. “She was complaining a bit,” he said. .. “I was dating a girl who was a little monster, and I liked it a bit.” She looks like a lovely woman. She doesn’t know anyone. I’m ready to meet someone else. So at the end of the day I gave her my card. “

Viola later added: “My life has improved since my first date with Julius. My anxiety is gone and my fear is gone. He has made my life better.”

Viola Davis’s past relationship

Viola Davis and Julius Tennon (Maria Laura Antonelli / Shutterstock)

Given that she and her husband have been married for decades, Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom The star’s previous relationship.In an interview with her InstyleHowever, Viola joked about picking up a man at a pre-Julius bookstore. “The moment I met my husband, my life improved,” she said. “Before I met him, I was trying to date, but I didn’t know what I was doing. I was told to go to Burns & Noble in the Columbus Circle. [in New York] Because they said it was a way to pick up a man. “I put on my makeup, but it didn’t work. Finally, I remember someone saying,” Find someone who loves you, viola. ” And I met my husband. I found someone who loves me. that’s it. “

The best moment with Viola Davis’ husband

Viola and Julius on Valentine’s Day 2016 weekend Updated their wedding vows At an elegant ceremony in front of a loved one. actress’ How to Get Away with Murder Co-star Matt McGorry, Jack Farahee, When Karla Souza I was attending. Viola shared her speech on a Facebook video, where she declared: This really makes life. If you need to look back on your life, this is a good moment and you’ll think you’ve done it well. “

Last month a happy couple celebrated them 18th anniversary of marriage.. “Happy 18th Anniversary of the Love of My Life !!” Viola captioned her Instagram tribute on June 23rd. And a year earlier, Viola shared a rare glimpse of her 17th wedding anniversary (above) with a snapshot of her big day and a renewal of her vows. “You made my life sweeter and my heart bigger,” the actress captioned the post. “I prayed for you, and God said so! I have the right person for you !!!!” Happy Wedding Anniversary My love … there isn’t the best yet. “


Viola Davis and Julius Tennon
Viola Davis and Julius Tennon (Chelsea Lauren / BEI / Shutterstock)

Eighteen years have passed, but it can be inferred that Viola and Julius have only 18 years left.In an interview with Glamour 2015, Viola looks back on her marriage Quoted from a mythologist Joseph Campbell. “I said Joseph Campbell. [something like]”When you get married, you die on your own.” I think it’s probably taboo in 2015, but really, you die on your own, “Viola meditated. “Everything is for the benefit of the whole. My marriage enriches my life. It is more important than my career and above all. I must prioritize it.”

As for what will happen to the next chapter of her marriage and life with Julius, the actress Write memoirs with a pen, Find meScheduled for April 2022, more insights may be gained about it. It records her life and illustrious career. From navigating childhood poverty in her hometown of Rhode Island to becoming an award-winning actress. “I believe our story and the courage to share it are the most powerful empathic tools we have,” Viola said in a statement. “This is my story … there is no straight chaser.”

Who is Julia Stenon? – Hollywood Life

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