Who is on the Trump Impeachment Prosecution Team?

Jumping into the background of the nine impeachment managers, Chairman Nancy Pelosi chose to present the case to the Senate in the second impeachment trial of former President Donald J. Trump. A common thread emerges: a deep experience of law.

The nine law-degree managers include a Democrat who was a prominent figure in Mr. Trump’s first impeachment trial, and a Democrat who spoke strongly to Mr. Trump in the aftermath of the January 6 attack on the Capitol. Members are included.

Earlier impeachment trials have shown that the impeachment manager’s role can bring valuable awareness to representatives and enhance their political profile. Lindsey Graham, now a South Carolina senator, was the impeachment manager in President Bill Clinton’s Senate trial. Congressman Adam Schiff of California served as chief manager in Mr. Trump’s first impeachment trial.

The six men and three women selected by Pelosi reflect the geographical and demographic diversity within the Democratic Corcus.

Here are nine House Democrats prosecuting the former president:


Congressman Jamie Raskin, who began drafting an impeachment article against President Trump just hours after the rebels landed on the Capitol on January 6, will be the chief impeachment manager. His role will make him the chief prosecutor of the Senate trial.

Ruskin, a graduate of Harvard Law School and a former professor of constitution at American University, has become known among House Democrats as a dependable constitutional expert. Inspired by the liberal politics of his father, Marcus Ruskin, a well-known anti-war activist, Ruskin has been passionate about the Constitution and American history.

Ruskin is a member of a prominent House of Representatives committee. House Rules Committee that sets the conditions for discussions in the House. House Judiciary Committee; House Oversight and Reform Committee.

In addition to contributing to the impeachment article, Ruskin also wrote a resolution calling on former Vice President Mike Pence to implement the 25th Amendment to release Mr. Trump’s presidency.

Ruskin was involved as the impeachment chief manager because he was dealing with the recent death of his son Tommy, who committed suicide on New Year’s Eve. The day after his son’s funeral, Ruskin arrived at the Capitol to prove the results of the Electoral College. By the end of the day, he openly condemned the attack on the Capitol and remembered the words of Thomas Paine, named after his son. “In monarchy, the king is the law, but in democracy, the law will be the king.”


Congressman Diana Degette, first elected to the House of Representatives in 1996, is no wonder in the impeachment proceedings. In 2019 she Presides over the House of Representatives debate As one of the impeachment managers appointed to impeach Mr. Trump and now to prosecute the former president, she has the opportunity to further bend her deep experience in the house.

“In this country, no one, even the former president, is beyond the law,” Degette said. Written on twitter on Monday.

Degette earned a law degree from New York University in 1982. Prior to joining Parliament, he was a citizenship-focused lawyer and later served as a Colorado state legislature for two terms.

While in Congress, she made health policy and reproductive rights her legislative priorities. She was a co-author of 21st Century Treatments, which signed the law in 2016 with the goal of accelerating biomedical research and product development and promoting efficiency in innovating the treatment of patients.

Congressman David Siciline, one of the co-authors of the impeachment article filed against Mr. Trump this month, was a member of the House Judiciary Committee and worked on Mr. Trump’s investigation during the 2019 impeachment. He also assisted other directors. Investigation of Mr. Trump and his advisers, including investigation of possible campaign funding breaches.

Mr. Siciline has led subcommittees on antitrust, commercial and administrative law and has been a strong watchdog for major tech companies such as Amazon, Google and Facebook. Prior to being elected to Parliament, Siciline worked as a public defender in the District of Columbia, serving two terms as Mayor of Providence in the Rhode Island House of Representatives and four terms in the Rhode Island House of Representatives.

In a New York Times editorial, Mr. Siciline held Trump responsible for inciting violence in the Capitol on January 6, and said the impeachment was intended to “protect the integrity of the republic.” ..

“The president must be held accountable,” Siciline wrote. “It can only happen by blaming him again and convicting him in the Senate.”


As a member of the House Intelligence and Foreign Affairs Committee, Senator Fidel Castro has revealed his commitment to seeing the former president being tried and convicted.

Castro, who voted to impeach Mr. Trump in 2019, attended the hearing as a member of the intelligence committee during the former president’s first impeachment investigation and during public questions prior to drafting the impeachment article.

Harvard-educated lawyer Castro worked in private practice before joining Congress and previously served for five terms in the Texas State Congress. He has led a Hispanic caucuse in Parliament 116 and has frankly opposed the Trump administration’s immigration policy.


Since being elected to Congress in 2012, Congressman Eric Swolwell has assisted in investigating evidence against Mr. Trump during the first impeachment and relied on his experience as a former prosecutor in his role as impeachment manager. I am.

As a member of the House Judiciary Committee and the Judiciary Committee, he played an active role in the impeachment proceedings in 2019, assisted in drafting subpoenas, and former special counsel Robert S. Mueller III testified in parliament. , The Democratic Party called for impeachment.

In his book, Endgame: Inside the Impeachment of Donald J. Trump, Swolwell recorded his personal account of impeachment by Trump. Other than impeachment, Mr. Swolwell has frequently criticized Mr. Trump’s leadership, including his approach to climate change when a wildfire struck parts of California last year.

Mr. Swolwell attended the University of Maryland Law School and returned to California to work as a prosecutor at the Alameda County District Public Prosecutor’s Office. After temporarily running for president in 2019, he left the race to aim for his fifth term in Congress.

On Monday, Mr. Swolwell gave a cool tone. He posted a photo on twitter A Democrat who delivers an article about impeachment to the Senate.

“My prayer for our country is that no one will ever walk this path again.” He wrote..


On January 6, hours after the attack on the Capitol, which killed five people, Congressman Trump made three suggestions on how politicians should move forward after proving the results of the Electoral College. Did: Mr. Impeachment Trump, invoking the 25th Amendment, or Mr. Trump’s resignation.

“Parliament can’t just go home as nothing happened.” He wrote on twitter..

Liu, who drafted the article with Siciline and Ruskin, is relentless in criticizing Trump and often calls for the president on Twitter, making Liu’s account a popular attraction for Democrats.

His appointment as impeachment manager was after he was elected to the House of Representatives in 2014. He is a member of the House Judiciary Committee and the Foreign Affairs Committee.

Prior to being elected to Congress, he studied computer science and political science at Stanford University and a law degree from Georgetown University. He later joined the Air Force and worked for Judge Advocate Generals Corp. He is currently a reserve colonel.

Lieu is a former member of the California State Legislature and the State Legislature.

Virgin Islands

Stacey Plaskett was unable to vote to impeach Mr. Trump, but she will be able to file a proceeding against him in the Senate trial in the role of impeachment manager. (Mr. Plasquette is not allowed to vote on the house floor because she represents US territory.)

Prior to being elected to Parliament, he was Assistant District Attorney for the Bronx and Political Appointment Officer for the Department of Justice.

Plaskett was born in Brooklyn to parents of the Virgin Islands and graduated from American University Washington College of Law. After living in New York and Washington, she moved to the Virgin Islands and worked in the private sector.

In response to being nominated as the impeachment manager, Mr. Plaskett said he was “honored” and “humility” to be held accountable.

“Donald J. Trump continues to be a clear and present danger to our republic, our constitution, and the people of this country,” she said in a statement on January 12. Protect our blessed country. “


Congressman Joe Neguse, who was elected to the House of Representatives in 2018, is the youngest and has the shortest term of the nine members elected to prosecute Mr. Trump.

In 2019, shortly after the Congressional elections, he supported Mr. Trump’s first impeachment. In a statement about his appointment as impeachment manager, Negse said the perpetuation of Mr. Trump’s “harmful misinformation about the integrity of election results” contributed to the Capitol riots on January 6. Stated.

Mr. Negz is a member of the House Judiciary Committee and the Progressive Caucus of the House of Representatives.

Negz’s parents fled Eritrea almost 40 years ago and came to the United States as refugees. They eventually settled in Colorado and raised Mr. Negz and his sister. Negz is a graduate of the University of Colorado Law School and is on the board of directors of the university. He later led the state consumer protection agency.


Congressman Madeleine Dean, a supporter of the first impeachment investigation against Mr. Trump, threatened to invade the House’s room on January 6 after she and her colleagues were trapped in the House’s gallery. , Immediately supported the second impeachment.

Dean is in the House of Representatives for the second term and is a member of the Judiciary Committee.

Prior to joining Parliament, he worked in the House of Representatives of Pennsylvania and earned a law degree from Dean College. After her private practice, she worked as an assistant professor at La Salle University, where she taught writing and ethics.

on Monday, She wrote on twitter Publishing an impeachment article against Mr. Trump will help the country heal after the parliamentary riots.

“That’s about this-heals the wounds of this riot and blames the former president for his actions,” she wrote.

Report provided by Cheryl Gay Stolberg, Zack Montague, Emily Cochrane And Aishvarya Kavi..

Who is on the Trump Impeachment Prosecution Team?

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