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The governor has appointed Fort Worth lawyer John Scott to oversee the elections in Texas. He represented Trump in a proceeding against the 2020 election results.

Austin, Texas — Governor Greg Abbott On Thursday, John Scott, a Fort Worth lawyer who briefly represented former President Donald Trump in a proceeding against the results of the 2020 elections in Pennsylvania, was appointed as the new Secretary of State for Texas.

As Secretary of State, Scott oversaw Texas election administration. This has been a complex task in recent years, backed by Trump, with unfounded allegations of fraudulent elections from the government’s top-level Republicans. The former president has filed proceedings nationwide and sought audits in Texas and elsewhere to consider the outcome of the 2020 presidential election. Trump’s Justice Secretary, Bill Barr, said there was no evidence of fraudulent elections nationwide, and Texas Secretary of State officials said the 2020 elections were “smooth and safe.” Stated.

On November 13, Scott signed as a lawyer in a proceeding filed by Trump in an attempt to block the proof of the Pennsylvania elections. A few days later, Scott filed a motion to resign as plaintiff’s lawyer.Scott’s motion also called for withdrawal Brian Hughes, Texas Senator of Mineola, working as a lawyer in proceedings at Scott’s law firm.

Scott graduated from South Texas Law School in Houston in 1988.

Scott has 33 years of legal experience and has filed more than 100 proceedings in state and federal courts, including the US Supreme Court. Working at the Attorney General’s office under Abbott, Scott was the Deputy Attorney General of Civil Litigation and oversaw more than 22,000 proceedings against the state. He was later appointed Chief Operating Officer of the State Health and Welfare Committee, where he was responsible for 56,000 employees and a $ 50 billion biennial budget.

“Scott has a long history with Governor Abbott,” said Bobstein, a legal analyst at KHOU11. “He worked in the governor’s office for years. He has more than a quarter century of experience in election law, which may be one of the more capable people. [Governor Abbot has] Appointed. “

But what’s currently receiving the most attention is Scott’s short work with former President Donald Trump’s campaign.

Republican strategist Vlad Davidiuk said Scott’s commitment to the Trump campaign should not lead to a question of his judgment.

“It actually shows how worried and devoted he is that the Texas can bring security to the outcome of our elections,” said Davidiuk. “He is very familiar with election law and supports election integrity so that Texas people can be confident in both the integrity, security and outcome of the election.”

Stein says the real test of Scott’s legal judgment comes first.

“The key here is whether we can enforce the election legislature that came into force in the state legislature. There are many problems with these bills that have just been passed by Senate Bill 1 and House Bill 3. Interpretation and, in some cases, I need a lawsuit. “

Scott wasn’t immediately asked for comment.

The highest election position has been open since the end of May, when former Secretary of State Ruth Hughes resigned. Scott needs to be finally confirmed by Congress. Congress ended its nine-month legislative slogan just ten days ago. Congress has no plans to meet again until 2023. Until then, Scott will be the state’s interim secretary, overseeing next year’s state-wide race for Abbott to run for reelection.

Abbott’s announcement of Scott’s appointment did not mention Scott’s work for Trump — even though Abbott has endured increasing pressure from Trump supporters demanding audit elections.

“John Scott is a proven leader with a passion for public services, and his decades of experience in election law and proceedings make him ideal for the Texas Secretary of State,” Abbott said in a statement. It’s an option. ” “John understands the importance of protecting election integrity and building the Texas brand on the international arena. With John’s experience and expertise, he oversees the country’s largest and most thorough election audit. I am confident that leadership will be strengthened. “

Scott is not a stranger to the election law. When Abbott was the Attorney General, Scott worked for him as Deputy Attorney General in 2014, defending the state’s voter identification law. Federal courts have found the law to have a discriminatory effect. Ultimately, lawmakers needed to rewrite the law to address concerns from the Fifth US Circuit Court of Appeals.

Scott will also be the state’s liaison to Mexico, the state’s largest trading partner, advising Abbott on border and trade issues.

In recent years there has been a revolving door appointed by the Secretary of State under Abbott.

Appointment of top in Abbott’s last two elections, fuse When David Whitley, Was not confirmed by the Senate. Hughes resigned in May after the Senate refused to consider her confirmation.

Whitley resigned at the end of the 2019 legislative session after overseeing a failed effort to scrutinize the electoral rolls of supposedly non-citizens. Thousands of naturalized citizens were threatened with their efforts and had the right to vote. It then landed in federal court and urged Congress to investigate.State agreed Finished the review and paid the plaintiff $ 450,000 Attorney’s fees in proceedings.

Scott is also the Chairman of the Department of Information Resources. He has law firms in Fort Worth and Austin.

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