Who says it’s not a big deal for the Covid vaccine to temporarily disrupt the menstrual cycle? | Alwa Mahadawi

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It’s about the bloody time when health professionals listened to women

Can the Covid-19 vaccine have a short-term effect on your menstrual cycle? Thousands of women think so. Since the widespread availability of vaccines, menstruating people have shared stories about strange changes in the post-injection more than 30,000 reports UK medical regulators are the only cause of menstrual irregularities after vaccination.In the United States, researchers Kate Clancy and Cathryn Lee 140,000 reports From a person who noticed a change in physiology after vaccination.

In most cases, these concerns are Brush off By a health expert. Nothing is displayed here. The message was basically. Menstruation is often irregular! But now, medical institutions are finally admitting that all those women aren’t just making things up after all. This week’s BMJ Publish the report Dr. Victoria Male, a lecturer in reproductive immunology at Imperial College London, said the link between vaccines and changes in menstruation was “plausible and should be investigated.”In the United States, the National Institute of Health Recently awarded $ 1.67 million to five research institutes to investigate the potential association between Covid-19 vaccination and changes in menstruation.

To be clear, overwhelming evidence shows that the Covid-19 vaccine is safe and effective. There are many reasons why a vaccine may temporarily affect your cycle. For example, Dr. Male reports that the link is not something of the vaccine itself, but probably the result of an immune response to vaccination. This still needs to be studied, but previous studies have shown that the menstrual cycle can be affected by immune activation. Dr. Male further states that most people who report changes in menstruation after vaccination are aware that it lasts only one cycle. There is no evidence that it has any effect on childbirth.

There is no reason to worry about the possible association between the Covid-19 vaccine and an abnormal period. But what’s worrisome is the terrible way the problem was dealt with.First, there is the fact that participants in the clinical coronavirus vaccine trial were not asked specific questions about the changes. Their menstrual cycle.. Why didn’t anyone think it was worth collecting data? Dr. Catherine Edwards, a professor on the Pfizer Vaccine’s independent data monitoring committee, said earlier this year that the accelerated development of the vaccine meant that everyone’s energy was focused on finding dangerous side effects. Told the NPR. “I want people to understand that we haven’t blown them away,” Edwards said. Told NPR, “But we have some priorities.”

However, this is important. Building confidence in vaccines should be at the top of the list of priorities. About 26% of people in the world are actively menstruating. Data gaps surrounding such a large population are a breeding ground for false information. Medical institutions have ignored or rejected the relationship between vaccines and menstruation, but many armchair experts are busy spreading dangerous conspiracy theories. “Vaccine hesitation among young women is primarily caused by false claims that the Covid-19 vaccine can impair future pregnancy potential,” said Dr. Male. Written in the BMJ.. “Failed to thoroughly investigate reports of changes in menstruation after vaccination can fuel these fears.” Of course.

Do you know what really makes me look red?All the excuses I have Recently appeared How difficult it is to study whether a vaccine can cause menstrual turmoil. “The menstrual cycle itself is very difficult to study because there are many other things that can affect it,” one (female) expert told NPR. for example.. I think it’s difficult! But so is Mars. No one seems to shrug about it and say, “No, it’s too difficult.” However, such loser attitudes seem to be more pronounced when it comes to women’s health. I hope this pandemic does something to change it. Over the last few months, I’ve realized that it doesn’t matter how great the vaccine is. It is only effective if a sufficient number of people take it. And if you want to expect that to happen, the medical industry needs to start taking women seriously.

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Who says it’s not a big deal for the Covid vaccine to temporarily disrupt the menstrual cycle? | Alwa Mahadawi

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